CSI delivers mobile banking solutions that put your bank conveniently in the palm of your customers’ hands. With our innovative suite of offerings, including mobile payment solutions, you can provide the most relevant, up-to-date mobile banking experience, enhancing customer loyalty and account retention.

CSI’s mobile banking solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Improved market share, mobile adoption and transaction volume
  • Offer self-registration options to provide customers with instant access to services
  • Leverage targeted marketing capabilities for your products and services
  • Conduct customer surveys and participate in social media
  • Deploy native apps for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms
  • Meet strict security guidelines and standards providing you peace of mind

With CSI, banks have easy access to customizable, user-friendly mobile solutions, including:

  • CSI’s Social Payment Instant Network (SPIN) – SPIN delivers the latest P2P payment technology that allows mobile app users to send and receive funds securely on Visa debit or credit cards with just a few steps.
  • CSI’s Card On/Off – Card On/Off provides card management functionality and debit card security features by giving mobile app users the power to immediately deactivate and reactivate their card with a simple toggle switch.
  • Mobile Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) – CSI’s intuitive interface and clean, simple layout provide customers with an easy-to-use mobile RDC solution for submitting check deposits simply by taking a photo of the check.

When choosing mobile banking solutions providers, you need partners who can integrate and streamline services. CSI offers a full-featured mobile banking platform that allows you to launch several competitive features through your bank’s mobile app.

Learn more about our person-to-person services in this video.