Each day, more and more payments require electronic payment processing. That’s why executing timely, secure ACH payment processing is a necessity in today’s financial institutions.

CSI provides an ACH system with comprehensive tools that help facilitate, manage and improve the entire ACH process. Working with an ACH company outside your core doesn’t deliver the electronic payment processing services you need. Through our fully integrated ACH tools, you can capitalize on valuable, cost-effective services that streamline electronic check processing and increase value for your customers.

CSI offers flexible ACH banking solutions that enhance banking operations:

  • Originate payments, deposits and payroll direct deposits for corporate and retail customer
  • Resubmit incoming return file items eligible for representment
  • Review exceptions including prenotes, ACH returns and Notices of Change (NOC) online
  • Manage Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) activity on customer accounts

CSI’s ACH solutions empower financial institutions to gain stronger control over and better insight into the ACH process. Through our services, you can enhance your transaction processes so that you improve the performance for both your branches and your customers.

CSI offers ACH+ to customers utilizing NuPoint and ACHLinks to customers utilizing Meridian.NET.

How comfortable are you with the performance and security of your current ACH payment processing? With CSI as your core provider, you have expanded access to proven ACH solutions. Speak with one of our skilled payment professionals to streamline your ACH payments today.