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CSI Headquarters Paducah Kentucky

About Us

Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) provides financial technology solutions to banks, financial institutions and other businesses nationwide. Based in Paducah, Kentucky, we not only offer bank core processing, but also regulatory compliance software to banks and a variety of industries, including insurance, real estate and casino and gaming. 

Incorporated in 1965 with six employees and three customer banks, CSI is now one of the nation’s largest providers of financial services technology. And with more than 1,100 employees, our staff is among the best in the industry.

CSI Service Offerings

As a single-source technology provider, CSI understands our customers’ needs and offers a comprehensive suite of financial services technology designed to empower your success. In addition to our industry-leading solutions—core bank processing, regulatory complianceenterprise content management and IT managed services for banks—CSI proudly offers state-of-the-art payments processing solutions, digital banking solutions, treasury management products and mobile banking technology to respond to ever-changing industry climates.

By working with customers like you, we develop product suites that best meet your IT needs and anticipate the growth of your customers’ technology demands. We keep our finger on the industry’s pulse so you can consolidate costs and spend less time managing multiple partners. 

Developing Customer Partnerships

When you choose a financial technology partner, you look for a provider you can trust. For CSI, being your partner and confidant means living up to our promise to be:

  • Authentic: CSI believes in long-term relationships, not short-term agreements. In every customer interaction, we strive to be genuine, certain and credible.
  • Innovative: To deliver products and services that solve present-day challenges, we anticipate future opportunities to ensure your success.
  • Professional: We maintain our reputation for exemplary customer support by engaging all those we serve with professionalism, expertise and respect.
  • Relevant: We listen to your feedback and respond with dynamic solutions that garner superior results.
  • Responsive: Providing the highest level of service in the industry means we strive to be approachable and results-driven in all customer interactions.
  • Solid: We are a stable, financially conservative company, providing reliable solutions that strengthen your performance and success. 

To learn more about how CSI can help your brand remain competitive, compliant and profitable, reach out to us by completing a contact request form

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