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Our History

Our History

  • 1965

    CSI is incorporated on March 19, 1965. The company begins operations with six employees, three customers and the commitment to be a strong, independent regional provider. CSI installs a $321,400 high-speed Burroughs B300 computer system to read and sort checks and deposit slips printed in magnetic ink characters (MICR) at 1,500 pieces per minute.

  • 1968

    CSI’s staff of 19 serves 21 banks in a 75-mile radius of Paducah, ranging in asset size from $2 million to $45 million. John A. Williams named president and chief executive officer. At the end of the fiscal year, which was Feb. 27, 1968, the board authorizes the company’s first cash dividend to shareholders.

  • 1970

    CSI’s customer base grows to 36 banks. The company acquires Computer Program Consultants, Inc., and forms a commercial division, a wholly owned subsidiary, and incorporates as Commercial Systems, Inc. First to offer fully automated Proof-Transit in Kentucky.

  • 1971

    CSI reaches $1 million in gross revenues, serving 45 banks in western Kentucky and southern Illinois. The company opens its first full bank data processing center in Madisonville, Kentucky, and hires four employees to operate the center. The new data center expands CSI’s customer reach.

  • 1977

    CSI contracts its 100th bank customer and hires its 100th employee. New corporate headquarters are established in Paducah to accommodate the company’s growing business and more than $750,000 in new computer hardware is added.

  • 1979

    CSI's customer base grows to 115 banks in three states: Kentucky, Illinois and Tennessee. John A. Williams is named Chairman of CSI Board of Directors, and CSI issues a three-for-one stock split in the form of a 100 percent stock dividend.

  • 1982

    CSI opens a 4,800 square foot data center in Lexington, Kentucky. This milestone allows CSI to achieve its long-standing goal of offering computer services to independent banks and bank-holding companies border-to-border in Kentucky. CSI also creates its first PC software: IRA Marketer.

  • 1983

    CSI acquires Micro-Tec, Inc., as a wholly owned subsidiary. The company also introduces Central Information File (CIF), which allows banks to monitor the total customer relationship. CSI and Professional Bank Systems partnership produces Loan Right Origination (LORI) software for PCs.

  • 1984

    CSI achieves $10 million in gross revenue, serving 150 financial institutions throughout Kentucky and southern Illinois through five data centers. Paducah’s three commercial banks form a new network to operate 24-hour teller machines through AlphaLink, Kentucky's first online ATM system developed by CSI.

  • 1987

    CSI hosts the first CSI Customer Conference, demonstrating its commitment to enhanced customer support and service. The company also installs a new mainframe in Paducah, increasing computing power tenfold and performing nearly 6 million instructions per second.

  • 1991

    CSI establishes a Local Area Network group to assist customers in optimizing the performance of micro-computers. The company achieves 99.8 percent online uptime and 99.8 percent on-time delivery of customers’ work. CSI’s telecommunications department supports more than 3,800 bank terminals.

  • 1992

    CSI acquires Indiana Information Controls, Inc., increasing the number of customer banks by nearly 50 percent and the customer base to 300 banks in 8 states. The company becomes the first data service provider to offer online information retrieval from a national credit bureau.

  • 1993

    Steven A. Powless is promoted from executive vice president to president and chief operating officer. CSI’s Valparaiso, Indiana, data center serves as an information hub and fully redundant site to the Paducah center, ensuring CSI’s ability to serve customers in the event of a disaster.

  • 1995

    The company launches, creates the CSI intranet and releases a combined Demand Deposit and Savings account system. CSI invests a total of $1.9 million in upgrading equipment and software. CSI employs 370 people and serves banks in 10 states.

  • 1996

    CSI employs nearly 400 professionals and serves 266 banks with combined assets of $22 billion. CSI WebSecure is developed as a secure extranet site for customer banks, and a full-time customer resource center is implemented to support customers 24x7.

  • 1997

    CSI completes $11 million headquarters building in Paducah and service centers increase to 13 with the opening of a new center in St. Louis. The company develops CSINet, which provides secure Internet connection for customer banks. The board of directors authorizes $2 million stock repurchase.

  • 1998

    CSI acquires Computer Bank, Inc., adding Texas and Louisiana to the CSI service area, as well as additional customers in Arkansas. CSI’s first Internet bank goes live, and customer banks increase to more than 350. The board of directors approves CSI’s strategic growth plan.

  • 1999

    Steven A. Powless named chief executive officer; President John A. Williams continues to serve as chairman of the CSI Board of Directors. CSI releases its proprietary intranet portal, Web@Work, to customer banks.

  • 2000

    CSI acquires First Commerce Technologies (FCT), increasing states served to 20, employees to more than 700 and customer banks to nearly 500. The company issues a 5 percent stock dividend to shareholders.

  • 2002

    CSI signs Marshfield Investment, which is the largest agreement in CSI’s history. The company also releases a record number of new solutions at the 2002 Customer Conference.

  • 2003

    CSI acquires ATTUS Technologies, a leading provider of technology-based compliance solutions. The company also invests in new technology at Valparaiso data processing center, increasing processing speed by 46 percent.

  • 2005

    CSI acquires McCoy Myers & Associates, a Texas bank processing firm; it’s the largest acquisition in CSI’s history. The company also releases DesignPro, a website design tool that allows users with no technical knowledge to design and publish professional websites.

  • 2006

    Chairman John A. Williams receives Governor's Technology Award, which recognizes those who have taken great strides to advance technology in Kentucky and help build a connected, technology-based economy.

  • 2007

    CSI acquires Summit Financial Solutions, a leading provider of check imaging solutions. The acquisition adds customers in 30 states, including more than 250 banks, 600 branch capture sites and 250 remote deposit capture sites. CSI becomes a founding member of OTCQX, new market tier offered by Pink Sheets, LLC.

  • 2008

    CSI completes acquisition of Heartland Communications, and Summit Financial Solutions releases Remit.NET, an image-based remittance and lockbox processing platform. The company also offers a new mobile banking platform to its customers.

  • 2009

    CSI adds Myriad Systems, Inc. (MSI) to its family of companies, establishing its presence in Oklahoma and Wisconsin. MSI is a leading provider of print and mail, online document delivery, and item processing solutions for financial institutions across the United States.

  • 2010

    CSI expands core processing into Iowa, and ATTUS Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of CSI, launches Website Comply for financial institutions. CSI leadership begins developing its Strategic Growth Initiative to provide a road map for ongoing success.

  • 2011

    CSI acquires HEIT Inc., an industry leader in managed IT and cloud computing services, and releases a fully integrated mobile banking platform for customer banks. R. Stanley Eckenberg is named president of CSI. The company presents its Strategic Growth Initiative at the 2011 Customer Conference.

  • 2012

    CSI unites four of its five affiliate companies under the CSI brand, with the goal to provide customers with more integrated, streamlined technology solutions. This initiative also includes a new look and feel for CSI, its website, logos and overall brand positioning.

  • 2013

    CSI becomes a united corporate entity by rebranding ATTUS Technologies, Inc. under the CSI brand, integrating all affiliate companies. The company launches numerous new products, including SPIN and WatchDOG® Elite. CSI is again ranked on the FinTech 100—this time rising to position 56.

  • 2014

    The year 2014 is a pivotal year for CSI. Marked by two major product launches, CSI released CSI IQ—a premier business intelligence solution—and SmartRisk IQ—an industry-leading enterprise risk management solution.