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  • Let’s authenticate: The new digital payment fraud

    CBInsight; Online; June 2017

    Consumers give out personal information every day, mainly because it is requested of them for almost anything they want to buy. A mother’s maiden name, the last four digits of a social security number; these are common security questions that allow financial institutions, online shopping websites and other businesses to authenticate users.

    But therein lies the fundamental problem: these authentication methods are so common that the information is easily obtained and sold to criminals.

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  • How Banks Help Customers With FinTech

    U.S. News & World Report; Online; June 2017

    A storm is sweeping the banking world, happening faster than you can grab a fistful of 20s from the ATM. But to the average consumer, and even the above-average investor, it remains as mysterious as whatever lies behind that ATM screen.

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  • Is Zero Trust the best safeguard for your systems?

    Banking Exchange; Online; April 2017

    Ransomware, malware, and phishing—executives within financial services have become all too familiar with these methods of cybercrime.

    To combat cybercrime, banks must adopt a variety of strategies, ranging from the required security protocols set out by federal regulators to exploring new cybersecurity models. One innovative approach banks could begin to pursue is incorporating elements of a “Zero Trust” model into their security posture.

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  • New Administration, Renewed Focus on BSA?

    WIB Compliance Digest; Online; April 2017

    On Feb. 9, his 21st day in office, President Trump released an executive order (E.O.) that essentially serves as a “call to arms” against criminal organizations, as part of his pre-election promise to restore law and order to the United States.

    Institutions must consider how watch lists and additional government lists come into play … namely, 314a.

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  • A Seamless Society Demands Omnichannel Banking

    BankNews Learning Points; Online; April 2017

    The digital evolution has brought new and uncharted challenges to financial institutions, namely keeping the consumer experience consistent across digital, mobile, ATM and in-branch channels. To help banks face these challenges, omnichannel banking has emerged as the solution. 

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  • CECL: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Compliance by 2020-21

    The Arkansas Banker; Online; April 2017

    Very soon, CECL will fundamentally change how the financial industry accounts for loan loss reserves. Currently, institutions can’t record expected losses until deemed “probable.” Because of this limitation, they were inadequately reserved before the 2008 financial crisis.

    The following guide takes your institution through CECL implementation, one step at a time.

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  • The Washington Effect

    CBInsight; Online; April 2017

    Throughout the 2016 presidential race, deregulation was a key battle cry for the Trump campaign, and one of the major platforms it rode to the White House. True to his word, the newly appointed president almost immediately announced a regulatory freeze of all new and pending regulations. In addition, Trump also issued the first of many executive orders (E.O.) promising to lessen the regulatory environment in order to stimulate the economy. 

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  • At the ‘Core’ of It, the Question Isn’t If, But When

    American Banker (page 9); Online; March 2017

    Expense and risk has kept many U.S. banks from modernizing their core systems, but executives at one community bank that completed the project this past summer say they are happier for having done it.

    Two Rivers’ bank unit went live in early August with a NuPoint core system from Computer Services, Inc.
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