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  • Leveraging Customer Data through the Core

    BAI Banking Strategies; Online; April 2016

    One of the central problems banks face is that, despite the wealth of information available to them, there is still much they do not know about their customers. Understanding the importance of customer data is one thing; the next step is determining how to get the data and ways to leverage it.

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  • Vcio Part 2

    Ask a vCIO: Community banks’ 9 most common IT questions (Part 2)

    CBInsight; Online; April 2016

    A vCIO gives community banks access to the experience and insight of a knowledgeable CIO to complement bank staff, without the need to hire another full-time, expensive employee. vCIOs are seasoned professionals who can provide guidance, perspective and recommendations across multiple complexities, including M&A, core conversions and IT audits. 

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  • Top 5 Regulatory Compliance Concerns for 2016

    BankNews; Online, April 2016

    Without a doubt, mortgage-related regulations are one of banks’ greatest concerns currently, with TRID, HFIAA and HMDA all stirring the pot. However, regulations surrounding consumer protections, vendor management and BSA/AML aren’t going anywhere, and final word on the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) model is just around the corner.

    Here are the top 5 regulatory compliance concerns currently circulating in the financial industry.
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  • Your Peers Say 2016 Is the Year of Tech Implementation. What’s Your Stance?

    BankNews Learning Points; Online, March 2016

    It’s an exciting time in the world of fintech. Technologies and strategies that we’ve explored for years—EMV, branch transformation, omnichannel delivery and mobile payments—are no longer just concepts. These ideas are now very much achievable, making 2016 the year of implementation. 
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  • Vcio Part 1

    Ask a vCIO: Community banks’ 9 most common IT questions (Part 1)

    CBInsight; Online; March 2016

    Community banks often are faced with a unique challenge. On one hand, the declining cost of technology levels the playing field, enabling community banks to leverage the same tools used by large banks. On the other, new technologies require IT staff who hold very specific skillsets. One solution many banks have incorporated is partnering with a vCIO from a bank-focused managed services provider. 
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  • Retail Banking Tipping Points

    The Financial Brand; Online; March 2016

    What’s on the table for banks in 2016? A good bit on the to-do list are initiatives started last year, as the banking industry “doubles down” on implementing new technologies across all channels to better attract customers … particularly Millennials. 
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  • 10 Marketing Trends the Banking Industry Can’t Ignore

    The Financial Brand; Online; February 2016

    The most important objective for any successful financial marketer is to focus on improving the customer experience across channels and with every communication. Touchpoints such as mobile, video and social media continue to grow in importance, with the underlying need for improved data analytics being paramount.

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