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  • How to Implement the First Part of Your ERM Program—The Risk Assessment

    WIB Compliance Digest; Online; March 2015

    As part one of this series showed, the primary benefits of an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program are a stronger framework for ensuring compliance, a better understanding of the bank’s risk exposure on an enterprise-wide level and the ability to use more up-to-date risk information in the management of the bank’s operations as well as in decision making.

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  • Technology: Driver of Profitability or a Big Expense?

    Bank Director; Online; March 2015

    How does technology play a role in a bank’s growth and profitability? When asked to rank the importance of certain factors as drivers of their bank’s organic growth plans—culture and people, technology, unique products and services, and brand—technology placed second for 74 attendees who participated in an on-site audience poll at Bank Director’s Acquire or Be Acquired, held in Scottsdale, Arizona, in January, and the Bank Board Training Forum, last week in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  • 20 Most Promising Bank Technology Solutions Providers

    CIO Review; Online; February 2015; pg. 22

    Bankers are convinced that investing in technology is critical to meet a rapidly changing environment. CIO Review included CSI as one of its 20 most promising technology providers for 2015.

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  • Industry Partners Get Real

    Independent Banker; Online; January 2015

    Complementing Independent Banker’s surveys and bankers perspective, it is important to hear from the service providers shaping our industry. The editors invite you to meeting these leading executives who share  unique insight on the industry.

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  • Big-Data Analytics: The Key to Competitiveness, Compliance & Profitability

    Bank Systems & Technology, Online PDF; December 2014; pg. 3

    While banks today have individual goals and strategies for success, they all have three objectives in common: to become more competitive, maintain regulatory compliance and remain profitable. Community banks in particular are finding it very difficult to differentiate themselves and retain a competitive edge in a crowded market. 

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  • Breaking Down the Risk Silos

    BAI Banking Strategies; Online; November 2014

    Business and management experts wrote nearly 30 years ago that one of the keys to a successful business is to break down the barriers between staff areas. Author Mary Walton summarized this point in her book, The Deming Management Method: “People can work superbly in their respective departments, but if their goals are in conflict, they can ruin the company.” 

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  • MSP Top 501 Profile: CSI Capitalizes on Specialized Managed Services

    MSPmentor; Online; Sept. 19, 2014

    Paducah, Kentucky-based managed service provider (MSP) Computer Services Inc. (CSI) reached its number 12 rank on this year's MSPmentor 501 Global Edition by specializing in a particularly lucrative vertical market--financial services.

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