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  • Keep Your Eyes on the Road–Using ERM to Improve Strategy

    WIB Compliance Digest; Online; June 2015

    Once a risk assessment has been completed, institutions should use the data gathered to monitor ongoing risk and make strategic plan changes to both meet compliance requirements and improve their business results. Banks should incorporate three steps to leverage the data gleaned from a risk assessment: determine or adjust risk appetite, define the key risk indicators (KRIs) to use and tie risk management into their strategic plan.
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  • Financial Technology Partners Find Compliance Work

    TechTarget; Online; June 2015

    PricewaterhouseCoopers asked 261 C-suite and senior-level capital market executives how their organizations will have used technology and big data capabilities by 2020. Channel opportunities exist across financial institutions of various sizes.

    Larry Sanderson, senior vice president of CSI Managed Services, said he has seen high demand for managed services among banks ranging from $100 million to $1 billion in assets.
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  • The Delicate Balancing Act of Risk and Reward

    CBInsight; Online; May 2015

    The business of banking has, and always will be, based on the notion of taking calculated risks in order to reap the rewards. But risk and reward must be balanced. Take on too little risk, and the reward may not be worth the effort to satisfy shareholders. Take on too much risk, and it may or may not yield the anticipated reward—but could lead to federal regulatory action.
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  • Email Encryption Protects Critical Data Outside Your Walls

    Texas Bankers Association; Online; May 2015

    Email encryption is an area on which regulators are casting a stronger eye, since customers’ financial information is at greater risk while traveling outside your firewall and over the public Internet. Because as we know, with the right equipment and code, everything on the Internet can be viewed from anywhere, anytime.

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  • Be a Part of the Community … The Electronic Community, Social Media!

    Hoosier Banker; Online; May 2015

    Your bank is heavily involved in the communities you serve. You sponsor the local sports teams, support community festivals and provide personal service and expertise to the people who live in your communities.

    Social media is the electronic-channel version of your ongoing outreach. As a community bank, you can’t afford not to be a part of the community.

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  • Murky UDAAP Is Here To Stay

    BankNews Learning Points; Online; May 2015

    In August 2014, the Federal Reserve Board proposed to repeal UDAP, and the action is expected to become final in fall 2015. That solves the confusion between the two rules, since after that, there will only be UDAAP with which to contend.

    However, the thought process behind the original rule—protecting consumers in a host of situations surrounding the collection of consumer debt—is here to stay.

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  • Achieving BIG Growth and Profitability with Business Intelligence Tools

    CBInsight; Online; April 2015

    Big data has become a major tool for growth in various industries. Many retailers have been using it for years, and now financial institutions are learning how to leverage massive amounts of data to grow business, reduce costs and provide customers with a more personalized experience. While many community bankers assume that big data analysis is primarily a tool for larger institutions, the reality is that any size bank can leverage data to affect the bottom line.

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