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Check Image System Provider Reports Contract Milestone
and Summarizes First Half of 2007

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - (August 1, 2007) - Summit Financial Solutions, Inc. (OTCQX: CSVI) today announced that it has booked contracts from the 300th bank for the Summit.NET Check 21-based Image Platform.  This number does not include banks that have licensed individual Summit.NET modules such as Branch Capture or Remote Deposit from Summit and its reseller/partners.

Summit also announced strong results for the first half of 2007, with a 30% increase in the number of contracts over the same period last year.  A significant percentage of the new orders are to replace older check image solutions that are reaching their fourth and fifth year installation anniversaries. 

According to Ron Thill, President of Summit, “Since becoming a part of Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) in January, Summit’s new sales have increased substantially.  Being a part of CSI has played a big part in the increase in orders as banks continue to look to solid, long-term players as technology partners.  As an example, during the same week that we booked the 300th contract, three more banks also entered contracts, followed by an additional four banks the next week.  We are very pleased with the excellent results for the first half of the year, and we are projecting continued strong growth for the rest of 2007 and beyond.” 

Thill continued, “To stay ahead of the expanded support requirements that accompany growth, Summit is implementing aggressive expansion in our support department.  Our goal is to have an infrastructure that continues to stay well ahead of the support requirements of our growing user base.”

Summit.NET was the first image system to be 100% developed using Microsoft’s advanced .NET architecture.  This advantage, plus the positioning of Summit.NET as the “Open Alternative to Host-Based Image Systems,” has been extremely well received by banks looking for an “open” solution that also can be integrated into their host system. 

About Summit Financial Solutions, Inc.
Summit is a subsidiary of Computer Services, Inc., a $125M financial services company based in Paducah, KY.  CSI financial reports are available at and Financial Solutions, Inc. introduced the financial industry’s first integrated Check Imaging solution based entirely on Microsoft’s .NET platform. Summit.NET was the first system specifically built to handle the electronic image exchange requirements of Check 21. For more information, visit the company's Web site at

About Computer Services, Inc.
Computer Services, Inc. (CSI), provides service and software solutions for banks in both a service bureau and an in-house environment. In addition to core processing, our integrated banking solutions include imaging, cash management, Internet banking, corporate intranets, secure Web hosting, e-messaging, teller and platform services, ATM and debit card service and support, payments solutions, risk assessment, network management, and compliance software and services for regulatory compliance, homeland security and fraud prevention. Over 3,000 financial institutions are served with CSI’s products and services. Financial reports are available at  For more information about CSI visit

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