Regulatory Compliance Services

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High-Risk Vendor Evaluation

You have a system in place to maintain your customers’ confidentiality, but what about your vendors'? Their mistakes are a direct reflection on you, so it’s your responsibility to ensure they’re held to the highest security standards.

CSI's High-Risk Vendor Evaluation service helps you gain a better view of your vendors’ internal IT processes, assures their controls are appropriate and identifies system weaknesses—all to help prevent jeopardizing your reputation.

Our Vendor Audit Process  

Many institutions rely on third-party relationships as a strategic way to expand bandwidth and broaden services. But when you add vendors, you add risk. 

CSI's Compliance Services consultants conduct a thorough vendor due diligence audit in a multi-step process that:

  • Notifies and gathers key information from each vendor
  • Evaluates the adequacy of each vendor’s controls
  • Prepares a report of findings for you and the vendor
  • Documents a remediation action plan (as needed)

Keep your institution safe and make sure your vendors are compliant with regulations using CSI's High-Risk Vendor Evaluation. Contact us now to find out how CSI’s vendor due diligence service can protect your company from being blamed for others’ catastrophes.