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  • How Cyberthieves Found Blockchain's Weak Link

    BAI; Online; July 2019

    Blockchain was hailed as an unbreachable means of transmitting wealth. But telling a hacker something absolutely can’t be hacked is like waving a red crypto-cape in front of a raging cyber-bull. After all, some hackers do it almost as much for blood sport as the loot.  

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  • The Value of APIs in Sanctions Screening

    MSBA; Online; July 2019

    Consumers’ demand for instant, seamless services is growing with fervor. This fundamental shift in expectations has changed the game for money services businesses (MSBs), whose technology must keep pace with not only customer demand, but also the requirements of regulators devoted to governing an
    increasingly complex sanctions compliance framework.

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  • How This De Novo Bank Does IT Right

    CBWV; Online; June 2019

    De novos are on the rise. Find out how Infinity Bank, a de novo, conceived and implemented a strong IT strategy from the start. 

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  • Take 8 Steps for CCPA Compliance

    CU Insight; Online; April 2019

    California is the first state to pass a comprehensive consumer privacy law with far-reaching implications. First, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) can affect organizations without a physical location in California. Second, it may push other states to accelerate passage of similar laws, as well as cause Congress to pass a national privacy law.

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  • OFAC's 50 Percent Rule Checklist: Seven Common Violations Exposed

    CUNA; Online; April 2019

    The ambiguity surrounding compliance with OFAC’s 50 Percent Rule has caused trouble for many financial institutions in recent years, and credit unions must take stock of these regulatory mishaps. Here are seven common ways credit unions can unknowingly violate OFAC’s 50 Percent Rule.

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  • Digital Banking Strategies and Investments for 2019

    The Financial Brand; Online; February 2019 

    Banking is at a tipping point, as accounts are increasingly being opened at organizations that are heavily investing in digital capabilities. Alternative financial services firms, from established fintech providers to relative newcomers, are also gaining followers and users. What strategies are U.S. financial institutions considering in 2019 to address these challenges? 

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  • Survey Says: Your Peers Weigh in on 2019 Banking Strategies

    BankNews; Online; February 2019 

    What will rise as the hot-button issue for bankers in 2019? To find out, CSI annually polls executives at U.S. financial institutions across the country, asking questions that uncover the strategies and issues they believe will most affect the financial sector in the year ahead. 220 bankers answered our survey this year, and shared how they plan to exceed customer expectations in 2019. 
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  • Re-Instated Iran Sanctions: What Do They Mean for Your Bank?

    WVBA; Online; December 2018 

    Learn the implications of new Iran Sanctions from the White House, and what these sanctions could mean for your institution's OFAC screening practices. 

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