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  • The Evolution of Payments: From EMV to CoF e-Commerce

    Payments Journal; Online; February 2018 

    While the introduction of the credit card represented a significant change for the payments industry, the evolution of payments continues to move at lightning speed. However, when it comes to introducing new technologies, data security remains a major concern. 

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  • 4 Steps to Success in Treasury Management

    Bank News; Online; February 2018

    Treasury management services allow your institution to generate fee revenue while simultaneously ingraining it as an indispensable part of your customers’ business operations. This four-step plan will guide your institution through launching a successful treasury management program.

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  • Customer Experience: The Great Differentiator

    TBA; Online; February 2018

    Despite innovative flair and new technology, banking as a service is still very much a commodity. How can bankers escape this position and break free of the status quo? 

    The answer lies not in standalone innovations, but in an enhanced overall customer experience.  

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  • Get Retroactive With Your Sanctions Screening

    CU Insight; Online: February 2018

    Regulatory bodies update their watch lists quite frequently, and each update adds additional risk for financial institutions that don’t update and rescreen their clients and vendors in a timely manner. 

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  • 2018 Tokenization: Moving Beyond Mobile Wallets to CoF E-commerce

    Transaction Directory; Online; January 2018 

    Tokenization – the process of replacing sensitive data with unique tokens – provided the foundation for the launch of mobile wallets in 2015. The expansion of tokenization into the CoF ecommerce space will drastically increase its usage behind the scenes, with little effort from cardholders or issuers.

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  • Set Your Board of Directors Free with CSI’s Secure Connect App

    Hoosier Banker; Online; January 2018

    Web-based portals, such as CSI Secure Connect, offer your board of directors a secure, centralized way to communicate with each other, as well as manage a variety of sensitive materials. 

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  • Tech Pace Picks Up

    Banking Exchange; Online; December 2017

    "Fast follower" has a new meaning. Banks—and their vendor partners—increasingly see that it's no longer business as usual. 

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  • Dirty Money

    Independent Banker; Online; November 2017

    Criminals view community banks as easier targets for their money-laundering actives. What are the warning signs, and how can community banks protect themselves? 

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