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  • Skipping New Servers, Colo. Bank Goes Big in the Cloud

    Bank Technology News; Online; February 2016

    The Eastern Colorado Bank in Cheyenne Wells, Colo., has been dealing in the cloud for years, but an aging IT infrastructure pushed it to further outsource its business. The $350 million-asset bank recently moved much of its infrastructure onto CSI’s cloud solution, including its file, Citrix, print and Exchange servers as part of a business continuity plan.

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  • Core Conversion … Oh No!

    Banking Exchange; Online; February 2016

    The onset of new technologies has changed customer expectations, and lagging capabilities of legacy core banking systems are driving banks to consider the ultimate upgrade—complete core conversion.
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  • What are the Big Threats and Priorities in Banking for 2016?

    The Financial Brand; Online; January 2016

    What do financial executives say are their biggest threats, challenges and opportunities in 2016? An annual study from Computer Services Inc. (CSI) examines the priorities, initiatives and areas of focus that will define the strategies for community-based institutions in the coming year. The report includes survey data and industry-specific analysis on the issues commanding attention from banks and credit unions.
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  • Press_Cybersecurity6Things

    Cyber Crime Update: 6 things to scare you

    Banking Exchange; Online; December 2015

    It’s almost quaint to talk anymore about phishing as a cyber security threat—although it still is. Unfortunately, now you have to worry about so much more. Steve Sanders, vice president of internal audit, CSI, recently presented an eye-opening rundown of the latest cyber security trends—threats and deterrents.

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  • Cyber Crime Update: Meet today’s threats

    Banking Exchange; Online; December 2015

    Considered as a whole, the increasingly sophisticated and widely applied threats posed by cyber criminals is daunting. Steve Sanders, vice president of internal audit, CSI, provides a rundown of specific avenues of attack banks may be susceptible to, and shares a number of tips as to what banks can do before they’re attacked.

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  • 5 Steps to Passing Your Next Regulatory IT Exam

    Community Bankers of Iowa; Online; October 2015

    Following the pilot cybersecurity exams conducted last summer by the FFIEC, many banks aren’t sure what to expect at their next IT exam—if that’s indeed where cybersecurity will be addressed—and fear the worst. But, rather than be paralyzed by fear, address the areas on which federal regulators most likely will focus at exam time by following five steps.

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  • Top 3 Benefits of Bank-Focused Managed IT Services

    BankNews Learning Points, Online; August 2015

    Since MSPs manage and maintain IT assets, they obviously must possess technical skills and the knowledge to troubleshoot and repair IT issues. But, banks are so specialized and heavily regulated these days that their MSP also should hold financial industry compliance, regulatory and operational expertise.

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  • The Steps to Building a Complete Third-Party Management Program

    Independent Banker; Online; July 2015

    Due to recent changes from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council’s Appendix J, financial institutions can no longer rely on time-tested third-party relationships without performing enhanced due diligence. Why? Because a bank’s use of any third-party provider now generates new compliance, operational, strategic and legal risks. 

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