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  • Cyber Crime Update: Meet today’s threats

    Banking Exchange; Online; December 2015

    Considered as a whole, the increasingly sophisticated and widely applied threats posed by cyber criminals is daunting. Steve Sanders, vice president of internal audit, CSI, provides a rundown of specific avenues of attack banks may be susceptible to, and shares a number of tips as to what banks can do before they’re attacked.

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  • Press_CRM

    Integrated CRMs Boost Profitability Through Innovation, Agility, Collaboration

    BankNews Learning Points; Online; November 2015

    The financial industry’s latest customer relationship management (CRM) solutions instinctively pinpoint individual customers’ channel preferences and proactively anticipate their product and service needs. They do so by capturing and analyzing each customer relationship and its behavioral patterns, in real-time, by integrating with a bank’s core processing platform.

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  • Cybersecurity: Risks, Reality and Real-World Strategy

    Texas Banker; Online; November 2015

    As a modern-day banker, do you sometimes feel like you’ve got a target on your back? You wouldn’t be alone; and unfortunately, you’re not just being paranoid. But the more you understand the current threat environment, the better prepared to fight you’ll be. 
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  • What to Expect from the CFPB in 2016

    Western Banker; Online; October 2015

    Hard to believe, but the sun will soon set on 2015. And aside from preparing for the transaction frenzy that will soon swoop in with the coming of the holidays, it’s high time to review the upcoming regulatory horizon to help calibrate your bank’s compliance priorities and determine the expectations of federal regulators. 

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  • 5 Steps to Passing Your Next Regulatory IT Exam

    Community Bankers of Iowa; Online; October 2015

    Following the pilot cybersecurity exams conducted last summer by the FFIEC, many banks aren’t sure what to expect at their next IT exam—if that’s indeed where cybersecurity will be addressed—and fear the worst. But, rather than be paralyzed by fear, address the areas on which federal regulators most likely will focus at exam time by following five steps.

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  • The Changing Business of the Customer Experience

    WIB Technology & Security Digest; Online; September 2015

    For most bankers, the phrase Know Your Customer is shorthand for anti-money laundering and fraud compliance requirements. But in an era where banks have access to massive amounts of customer data, “Know Your Customer” should also be the mantra for building an unparalleled customer experience. The catch is that community banks can’t really benefit from all of the data they have without the power of analytics. 

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  • Putting ERM Into Action

    WIB Compliance Digest; Online; September 2015

    If a bank has taken the steps prescribed to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment and assigned key risk indicators (KRI) that are tied to their strategic goals, the next step is the ongoing monitoring – and the implementation of changes made as a result of the monitoring. Once a risk assessment is complete, community banks should use the data gathered to evaluate ongoing risk and make strategic changes to meet compliance requirements as well as improve their business results.

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  • Top 3 Benefits of Bank-Focused Managed IT Services

    BankNews Learning Points, Online; August 2015

    Since MSPs manage and maintain IT assets, they obviously must possess technical skills and the knowledge to troubleshoot and repair IT issues. But, banks are so specialized and heavily regulated these days that their MSP also should hold financial industry compliance, regulatory and operational expertise.

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