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  • Why Education is the First Step in Growing Cloud Revenue

    Micro Cloud Talk; Online; July 2014

    I recently interviewed David Malcom, VP of managed services at Computer Services, Inc. (CSI), a $213 million managed services provider that focuses exclusively on the financial services market and reported record revenues during its most recent quarterly financials announcement. Although this giant service provider has been in business since 1965, its foray into IT managed services didn’t happen until 2011, after it acquired HEIT, a 100-employee managed services company.

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  • Sanctions Land Like a Bomb in Corporate Suites

    Newsweek; Online; April 2014

    Within minutes of the announcement of U.S. sanctions against Russia in March, there was a surge in traffic on the website of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, which sends out a blacklist of targets.

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  • Compliance Misconceptions, Challenges and Tips

    [IN]SECURE Magazine; Online; April 2014 

    In this interview, Paul Koziarz, President and General Manager of Regulatory Compliance at CSI, talks about the misconceptions related to compliance, provides advice for CSOs and discusses the difference between being compliant and being secure.

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  • Banks Take P2P Payments Back from Non-Bank Apps

    Transaction News; Online PDF, Page 12; December 2013

    Mobile-based, P2P payments have been the “next big thing” for several years now. And while there is a certainly an increase in adoption among consumers, electronic P2P still has not crossed the threshold of mass adoption. 


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  • FFIEC Guidance Extends to CUs Without Social Media

    Credit Union Times; Online; September 2013

    Even credit unions without a social media presence on sites like Facebook or Twitter must comply with the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council’s proposed social media guidance, CSI Regulatory Compliance Customer Relationship Manager Lee Thomas said in an Aug. 28 Credit Union Times webinar.
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  • Regulations Play Catch-Up to International Electronic Transactions

    Transaction News; Online PDF, Page 8; November 2013

    For years, the growing utilization of electronic transactions outpaced the regulations governing them. While Congress initially passed the Electronic Funds Transfer Act, better known as Regulation E, in 1970, the regulation was rarely updated. As digital transactions grew in importance, the law left too many grey areas for both consumers and financial institutions. 
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  • CUs in Muddy IT Waters Turning to Managed Services

    Credit Union Times; Online; October 2013

    To navigate the increasingly complicated IT waters and alleviate pressures associated with tougher compliance exams, a growing number of credit unions are turning to managed services providers.

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  • Ease IT Budget Headaches with Strategic Planning

    Credit Union Times; Online; October 2013

    When creating annual IT budgets, credit unions often get trapped in a complicated maze.

    Increasing demand for mobile services, rapidly changing technology and tighter security regulations regarding innovations such as social media make it tough to pinpoint the best ways to spend tech dollars. 
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