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  • The Bank of Kentucky Trusts Its Core to SaaS

    SaaS In the Enterprise; Online; July 2013

    In banking, the crown jewels are the hosted core systems that house an institution's official transaction record. In most banks it sits in the headquarters where it is treated reverentially. But not at the Bank of Kentucky. 

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  • Cloud Compliance Management Solutions in Use at Small Banks, Credit Unions

    TechTarget; Online; February 2013

    Credit unions and community banks represent a mixed market for IT solutions and services. Those small and midsized institutions face increasing financial pressure in the form of razor-thin net interest margins and increasing compliance chores. Some credit unions and banks have liquidated or sought buyers as a result. For the institutions soldiering on, the money crunch limits investment dollars available for IT, among other items.

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  • Bank Balances Growth, IT using Managed Services

    MSPmentor; Online; December 2012

    How does a growing bank balance the demands of an increasingly complex business with the need for IT solutions that scale to meet them? California-based Five Star Bank was struggling with a two-person IT team and consumer-grade equipment to manage its IT infrastructure. The bank’s overall IT infrastructure as not keeping up with what the company needed. Here’s how one MSP came in and helped the company create an IT plan to better suit its needs and save $120,000 at the same time.

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  • Busey Gets to Grips with NuPoint Banking System from CSI

    IBS Journal; Online; December 2012

    US-based Busey Bank, a $3.5 billion institution with 43 branches across Illinois, Indiana and Florida, is adapting to NuPoint, its new core banking solution supplied by CSI. Busey's Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer Leanne Kopischke believes the system's usability and functionality gives the bank a powerful tool. "The first part was to get the implementation done and taking advantage of our current system is now one of our main opportunities," she says.

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  • Risks and Rewards of Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

    Bank Systems & Technology; Online; November 2012

    One of the fastest-growing areas of cloud migration for banks, especially smaller institutions, is disaster recovery. Banks are seeing big advantages to moving their disaster recovery operations to the cloud, a recent survey by CSI, a Paducah, Ky.-based technology provider for financial institutions, indicates. Of those banks surveyed that had implemented cloud services, 27 percent said they have seen the greatest benefits from the cloud in disaster recovery.

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  • How to Keep a Cloud Secure

    Bank Technology News; Online; November 2012

    Security is often described as being like an onion—it’s got to be provided in layers, such that even if a miscreant manages to get past one or two barriers, there are still several more that could repel him (or her). When a company consumes computer resources over a cloud, there are even more layers required, as the bank's IT and security departments are a few steps removed from the data and applications they're charged with protecting.

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  • Charting a Compliance Course Through an Uncertain Dodd-Frank Landscape

    American Banker Online; Online; September 2012

    Since it has assets of roughly $1.2 billion, Cashmere Valley Bank in Washington State would appear to be $8.8 billion shy of the threshold for compliance with the Dodd-Frank law. But nothing’s easy with Dodd-Frank, and the bank assumes it will have to follow the law, although most of the underlying rules have thus far been written in sand.

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  • Cloud Computing Meets Credit Union Skeptics

    Credit Union Times; Online; September 2012

    At the very time when some companies and community banks are rushing to put more of their data and applications into the cloud, some experts have noticed that, for the most part, credit unions are staying on the sidelines of what is shaping up as the biggest computer revolution since personal computers displaced mainframes and terminals in the 1980s.

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