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  • Consumers Have High Expectations of Their Digital Banking Apps

    Bank Innovation; Online; August 2018 

    Consumers want banks to do more than just hold their money. They want their banks to help them meet their financial goals. In fact, a new consumer report by CSI shows that 83% of American consumers agree with that statement. 

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  • Community Banks Zap the Tech Gap

    BankNews; Online; July 2018

    Today, community banks are zapping the technology gap between themselves and larger institutions. An ABA study found that 52% of community banks will increase the number of digital channels offered to customers to improve engagement this year.

    This advance toward digital banking stems from a desire to attract new customers. But how exactly are banks using technology to level the playing field and acquire these customers?

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  • Tokenization's Role in IoT Security

    Mobile Payments Today; Online; July 2018

    Refrigerators, cars, watches, rings – what do all of these items have in common? They are all products that are capable of connecting to the internet and completing transactions or interacting with users via mobile interface. And the number of internet-enabled items is increasing at a rapid pace.

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  • Preparing Your CU for a Cyberattack with Business Continuity Planning

    CUNA; Online; July 2018

    What are the consequences of a cyberattack on credit unions? An often overlooked impact of a cyberattack is the disruption to business continuity and inaccessibility of online banking, mobile banking and ATM networks. In fact, a disruption to service could potentially affect credit unions even more dramatically than would a data breach.

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  • 4 Features Every Business Banking App Needs

    Banking Exchange; Online; June 2018

    For retail customers, mobile banking has become second nature. And savvy mobile users know that they can complete everything from depositing a check, moving money from various accounts, and mitigating fraud via smartphone or tablet at any time.

    Many of those savvy consumers also run businesses, and want the same quality of service.

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  • The Banking Industry’s Guide to Major PFM Providers

    Financial Brand; Online; June 2018 

    Personal financial management (PFM) tools help banks and credit unions deepen relationships with consumers and differentiate financial institutions by making it easier for consumers to keep track of their financial picture. Here are seven major providers with solutions that offer robust analytics, proactive recommendations and even interactive gaming tools that can help consumers improve their overall financial health.

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  • 5 Cybersecurity Measures Mid-Sized Businesses Need To Take Today

    ForbesBrandVoice; Online; June 2018 

    According to a National Center for the Middle Market survey, 55 percent of midmarket companies lack either an up-to-date cyber risk strategy or any defined cyber risk strategy at all.

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  • The Banker's Guide to GDPR

    BankNews; Online; May 2018 

    GDPR doesn’t just affect businesses in the EU, and that’s left many American financial institutions unaware of—or uncertain about—their obligation to it.

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