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  • British cyber heist holds lessons for U.S. bank customers

    The San Diego Union-Tribune; Online; November 2016

    Hackers stole money from about 20,000 customers of a British bank over the weekend — an unprecedented strike that cybersecurity experts said should be a cautionary tale for bank-account holders in the United States.

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  • The financial vertical: Big investments yield big prospects for MSPs

    TechTarget; Online; November 2016

    Banks and other financial institutions are struggling to maintain compliance in an increasingly regulatory world, and industry observers say the financial vertical market offers great opportunity for channel partners -- but it is not without challenges.

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  • Mobile-Based Cybercrime Risks: Five Ways to Protect Your Institution From Attacks

    Texas Banking; Online; September 2016

    It’s a reality today that there are nearly as many cell phones in the world as there are people. And mobile banking is one of the fastest growing areas in financial services, with adoption among mobile phone owners now reaching 43 percent—up from 33 percent in 2013. 

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  • The Polar Opposites That Make Up Today’s Digital Payments Environment

    Western Banker; Online; September/October 2016

    When you think about it, mobile payments are nothing new—we’ve used online retailers, company-specific apps and P2P payments for a while now. But digital wallets that let consumers make instant payments with their smartphones are the option with true staying power.

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  • Bank of Nova Scotia: The Perfect Bank Stock for Millennials

    The Motley Fool; Online; August 2016

    Royal Bank of Canada might have the most assets and net earnings of any Canadian bank, but when it comes to courting millennials, Bank of Nova Scotia has its peers over a barrel—a digital one, that is.

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  • Higher Expectations. Why the right digital strategy is critical to banking now

    Banking Exchange; Online, August 2016

    What is the role of traditional financial services institutions in a digital world? Most sources agree financial institutions will need to retain their traditional value proposition while deploying digital.

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  • Four Steps to Winning the Vendor Management Battle

    Western Banker; Online; July 2016

    Community banks are not immune to the risks companies face today, particularly those associated with vendor management. Between the vendor management guidelines issued by the OCC in 2014 and the FFIEC in 2015, regulators have made it clear that banks are expected to know the companies with which they do business.

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  • Four Best Practices to Help Bank Boards Manage New Cybersecurity Guidance; Online; June 2016

    Updates to the FFIEC Management Booklet portion of the IT Examination Handbook have placed your board of directors under more pressure than ever to ensure the health and stability of your institution’s overall IT and cybersecurity environment.

    Here are four best practices to help your board manage the changes.

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