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  • Turning the Spotlight on Information Security Programs

    BankNews The Guide to Compliance 2017 (page 10); Online; February 2017

    Lately, the FFIEC has its hands full keeping stride with the accelerating speed of technological advancements and increasing sophistication of cyberattacks.

    The agency’s recent Information Security Booklet revision focuses on information security programs in an effort to increase security awareness, effectiveness and resiliency. To help institutions digest the 98-page update, we’ve analyzed the September 2016 booklet and discovered seven key takeaways on which financial institutions must act. 
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  • Transform Your Branch Using 3 Essential Components

    TBA Services Company; Online; February 2017

    Smart technology continues to change the behaviors and expectations of all consumers, from baby boomers to millennials. It’s a fact that’s part of our lives now, and it’s certainly true regarding the ways consumers currently view the bank branch.

    But, even though branch traffic and transactions are decreasing as customers enjoy the autonomy of digital channels, they still want to visit bank branches—they just expect more when they do. So in order to meet their expectations, banks should consider a total branch transformation.

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  • The road not token: How fraudsters beating EMV could hit a dead end in 2017

    BAI Banking Strategies; Online; January 2017

    When the EMV liability shift occurred in 2015, millions of mag-stripe debit and credit cards were traded in for chip-enabled cards. The goal: to prevent consumer data theft and tighten security at point-of-sale terminals. However, criminals are adaptive creatures. Making theft more difficult in one arena only pushes crime to a more vulnerable one: in this case, card-not-present transactions.

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  • What You Don’t Know About Network Defenses Can Definitely Hurt You; Online; December 2016

    Hackers have many avenues to choose from when it comes to attacking your organization, the most obvious of which is “breaking in from the outside,” or attacking your network’s perimeter. But they also can choose to attack from the inside-out by targeting your employees and internal weaknesses.

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  • When It Comes to Cybersecurity and Your Bank, What Do Your Customers Think?

    PACB Transactions; Online; November 2016

    National Cyber Security Awareness Month each October reminds us all—in both the public and private sectors—to renew and strengthen our vigilance against cybercrime. So, it’s fitting this time of year for financial institutions to not only review their cybersecurity policies and procedures, but also contemplate which issues most concern their customers.

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  • British cyber heist holds lessons for U.S. bank customers

    The San Diego Union-Tribune; Online; November 2016

    Hackers stole money from about 20,000 customers of a British bank over the weekend — an unprecedented strike that cybersecurity experts said should be a cautionary tale for bank-account holders in the United States.

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  • The financial vertical: Big investments yield big prospects for MSPs

    TechTarget; Online; November 2016

    Banks and other financial institutions are struggling to maintain compliance in an increasingly regulatory world, and industry observers say the financial vertical market offers great opportunity for channel partners -- but it is not without challenges.

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  • Mobile-Based Cybercrime Risks: Five Ways to Protect Your Institution From Attacks

    Texas Banking; Online; September 2016

    It’s a reality today that there are nearly as many cell phones in the world as there are people. And mobile banking is one of the fastest growing areas in financial services, with adoption among mobile phone owners now reaching 43 percent—up from 33 percent in 2013. 

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