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  • Charting a Compliance Course Through an Uncertain Dodd-Frank Landscape

    American Banker Online; Online; September 2012

    Since it has assets of roughly $1.2 billion, Cashmere Valley Bank in Washington State would appear to be $8.8 billion shy of the threshold for compliance with the Dodd-Frank law. But nothing’s easy with Dodd-Frank, and the bank assumes it will have to follow the law, although most of the underlying rules have thus far been written in sand.

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  • Cloud Computing Meets Credit Union Skeptics

    Credit Union Times; Online; September 2012

    At the very time when some companies and community banks are rushing to put more of their data and applications into the cloud, some experts have noticed that, for the most part, credit unions are staying on the sidelines of what is shaping up as the biggest computer revolution since personal computers displaced mainframes and terminals in the 1980s.

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