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Business Intelligence and Analytics for Banks

Collecting and understanding consumer and business data allows your bank to create an informed and profitable banking strategy. CSI’s banking analytics tools make it easy to convert your bank’s raw data into actionable reports that have the power to predict trends, mitigate risk and drive revenue.

CSI’s Business Intelligence Tools

Our suite of banking analytics tools allows your institution to evaluate customer analytics and banking performance with precision and clarity. CSI’s NuPoint® core banking software deciphers your bank’s analytical data using:

  • Bank Data Analytics for Executives

    Maximize the effectiveness of your bank’s data to create informed and profitable business decisions. CSI’s bank data analytics tool gathers your bank’s daily performance metrics, making it easy to analyze the performance of your employees, customers and branches by:

    • Presenting executive-level information through customizable reports
    • Building ad-hoc reports to depict graphical representations of real-time data on a set schedule
    • Providing cold storage for archival and easy access

  • Banking Analytics Dashboard

    Condense all of your bank’s big data reports into a single, convenient snapshot with CSI’s banking analytics dashboard. Our tool helps your employees quickly visualize trends utilizing your bank’s data by:

    • Integrating with data directly from your core banking system
    • Crafting simple, graphic representations of your bank’s data
    • Identifying bank performance metrics to evaluate employee and consumer trends

  • Bank Performance Reporting
  • Enhance your business strategy and elevate the profitability of your organization, branches, products and customers by informing decision making with CSI’s bank performance reporting tool. This enterprise-wide tool uncovers data-driven insights by:

    • Ranking your customers based on profitability to develop marketing strategies
    • Calculating non-interest income based on service charges, overdraft fees, prepayment penalties and more
    • Analyzing your general ledger to identify non-interest expenses
    • Including customers' total relationships with your bank when pricing new loans 
    • Providing a side-by-side comparison of peers’ banking products

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