Core Bank Processing

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CSI IQ® Core Banking Solutions

CSI can help your bank harness the power of big data by changing the way you view and process it with CSI IQ. Fully integrated into our NuPoint® core banking solutions, CSI IQ changes the way your financial institution sees your customers and your business.

While customer data is something all banks have—only some turn it into real revenue opportunities. And because there is so much “big data” available, understanding its impact can feel overwhelming.

Reimagine How Bank Customer Data Can Drive Decisions with CSI IQ

As an integrated business intelligence and bank data processing solution, CSI IQ helps your financial institution make informed decisions that drive your bottom line by offering:

Customer Data Processing Solutions 

To help your financial institution stay competitive in the market and meet growing customer demands, CSI created two customer data processing solutions for CSI IQ:

  • Customer View
    Give your bank a complete and simplified look into your data-rich customer information through a user-friendly, interactive visual interface. CSI’s customer data processing solution creates high-level summaries and analyses that provide insights into:
    • Account relationships
    • Key customer interactions
    • Transaction activities
    • Demographic profiles
    • Incidents and alerts
    • Recent and upcoming events
  • Business Intelligence
    With business intelligence tools from CSI IQ, your bank can not only better analyze and manage data, but also turn that data into actionable information that affects your bottom line through:
    • Performance reporting tools customized for banks
    • Ad-hoc and cross-application capabilities
    • Visualizations of “what-if” scenarios
    • Executive-level summaries

Want to See a Demo? 

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