Business Intelligence for Banks

With business intelligence and data analytics tools from CSI IQ, your bank can not only better analyze and manage data, but also turn data into actionable information that affects your bottom line.

Harnessing big data not only helps your bank make informed decisions, it helps you anticipate your customers’ needs. At CSI, we understand the significance of data-driven decisions. That’s why we partnered with SAP, a business analytics market leader, to create CSI IQ®'s Business Intelligence solution for the banking industry.

Our Business Intelligence Software for Banks

Fully integrated with our NuPoint® core banking platform, our business intelligence for banks gives your bank access to information from anywhere via PC or tablet using these tools: 

  • CSI IQ Viewer is a bank performance reporting tool created specifically for banks and maintained by CSI. With CSI IQ Viewer, your bank can run reports daily and store them for later use.
  • CSI IQ Creator provides advanced ad-hoc and cross-application reporting capabilities your bank can use to build, save and publish meaningful reports. CSI provides training on this feature as needed.
  • CSI IQ Explorer is a self-service dynamic search and exploration tool designed for management- and executive-level bank employees. Users can search tailored reports using data reports or visual illustrations that can be saved and shared through email daily.  
  • CSI IQ Visualizer is an executive tool that provides dynamic, visual representation of bank data. Your bank can capture high-level summaries of information using dashboards to get at-a-glance views of daily and monthly activities, trends, charts and what-if illustrations.

Want to see CSI’s business intelligence solutions at work? We’re happy to provide a free demo. Just complete our online form, and you can see firsthand how your bank can utilize the same data analytics power as the largest banks in the world.