Customer View Business Intelligence for Banks

Are you ready to see your customers the way they see themselves? With Customer View from CSI IQ®, your bank gets a complete, customer-centric view through a user-friendly, interactive and visual interface.

That means you have a clear understanding of your customers’ actions and preferences, giving you the insight to anticipate their needs and better inform the decision-making process.    

Customer View Tools

It’s time to stop looking at customer information from the traditional banker’s perspective. Our customer data processing solution provides high-level summaries and analyses of data-rich bank customer data, including: 

  • Account relationships
  • Channel behaviors
  • Customer interactions
  • Demographic profiles
  • Incidents and alerts
  • Key indicators
  • Recent and upcoming events
  • Transaction activities

3 Ways Customer View Benefits Your Bank

Fully integrated within NuPoint® core bank processing solutions, our Customer View tools provide your financial institution with:

  1. Enhanced customer search and views of information
  2. Comprehensive, customer-focused insight
  3. Better understanding of customer behavior and interactions with your bank

Want to see CSI’s Customer View tool in action? We’re happy to provide a free demo. Just complete our online form and you can see firsthand how CSI’s Customer View business intelligence software for banks gives you a new perspective on your customers’ behaviors.