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Customer Engagement and Technology

Today’s banking customers expect more from your institution than ever before—both in the services you offer and in the technology your bank provides. That’s why CSI developed technology for improving the customer experience in banking.

Customer Experience in Banking

CSI’s suite of customer engagement tools, offered by our core banking solutions, NuPoint® and Meridian.NET, will help you nurture customer relationships and enhance the banking experience. We offer:

  • Online Account Opening

    Your customers want to bank on their terms, on their preferred devices (desktop, laptop, mobile, etc.). Give them an enhanced customer experience with CSI’s online account opening solution. Our account opening system helps your customers open checking, savings and other accounts from any mobile or desktop device, allowing you to:

    • Offer multiple products and set parameters and services by geographic markets
    • Scan and validate driver's licenses and IDs
    • Integrate all data into your core bank deposit system
    • Decrease abandonment with save and resume capabilities for users
    • Provide a secure, compliant process for online account opening, including E-sign consent

  • Tablet Banking Services

    Boost your employee output and enrich the in-branch banking experience with CSI’s tablet banking services. Our tablet banking service integrates directly with your core banking system, allowing your employees to move freely around the branch while meeting your customers’ needs.

    With CSI’s tablet services, your branches have the power to:

    • Engage customers by utilizing tablet devices as sales and service tools
    • Access portable information from your core banking system
    • Incorporate new, efficient and paperless productivity processes for employees

  • Secure Wi-Fi Banking

    Offer your customers and employees a secure, wireless connection tailored to financial institutions with CSI’s secure Wi-Fi banking. Our secure Wi-Fi provides the infrastructure needed to:

    • Offer high-speed, superior Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Set up in-bank access points that provide public and private hot spots at each branch
    • Create secure and compliant networks that are easy to audit

  • Bank ATM Operating System

    Provide your customers with real-time, accurate account visibility with CSI’s bank ATM operating system. Our ATM operating system integrates account information directly from your core banking platform and verifies customer transactions against real-time balances, offering:

    • Host-to-host balance verification and transaction markups in an online environment
    • A risk-mitigation system that detects unusual activity based on known patterns
    • ATM problem management support system
    • Ad-hoc reporting capabilities

  • Interactive Voice Response Banking
  • Set up secure, effective communication with your customers by delivering quality, phone-based offerings with CSI’s phone banking system. Using our secure phone banking system, your customers are able to: 

    • Transfer funds, split loan payments, list pending ACH items and more
    • Access account history
    • Receive technical support

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