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CSI CRM for Banking

Today, your customers expect you to truly know them. With integrated banking CRM software, you can use technology to manage your customer relationships. That way, you deliver personalized service regardless of the channels they use to interact with you. By contrast, if you’re using disconnected systems and multiple data sources, it’s nearly impossible to offer a competitive customer experience.

CSI's CRM for banks can help your financial institution capture customer data so you can track, view and analyze interactions across the entire customer lifecycle, even when they are prospects. And because CSI CRM is fully integrated into our NuPoint® core banking solution, you can enhance the way you view the entire customer journey.

Our Banking CRM Features

As an integrated customer engagement solution, CSI CRM helps your bank view the total experience of your prospects and customers to proactively anticipate their needs with:

  • Customer Contact Management

    Manage user interactions by enabling Customer Contact Management features like notes, email synching, appointment setting, reminders, transactional channel and analysis, and much more

  • Case Management & Workflow
  • Record and track customer and prospect inquiries or resolve complaints; create and assign multi-step processes in adherence with bank policy; and set up and receive real-time notifications using the Case Management & Workflow module

  • Relationship Management
  • Distinguish between customers, prospects and affiliates by tracking individual and business relational information through automated visual mapping from information that is already in the core; manually connect relationships that cannot be automatically linked to learn more about your customers and prospects through tracking of enhanced relational and marketing information 

  • Campaign Management
  • Create messaging and monitor performance of marketing campaigns and batch communications, from start to finish, by selecting criteria for targeted lists; easily view and select delivery methods (including on-screen, email, print mail and calling) for campaign promotions; enhance target list selection criteria, monitor campaign performance metrics to determine ROI and access comprehensive bank data within CSI IQ

  • Sales & Referral Tracking
  • Connect your marketing efforts straight to new revenue for your bank by quickly directing opportunities and referrals to the appropriate staff member or group, maximizing the potential of a sale; track and manage customer activities and interactions throughout your sales pipeline to make informed decisions 

CSI's CRM Banking Delivers Exceptional Customer Experience

To help your bank outperform the competition and meet growing customer demands, we designed our CRM for banks like yours in mind. CSI's CRM for banking helps you:

  • Create meaningful groups of customers, prospects and affiliates to enable more informed, customer-focused decisions by knowing the entire dynamic and footprint of customers' relationships
  • Record relevant interactions within the CRM for customers, prospects and affiliates, including initiating emails with stored email addresses
  • Add, modify or delete appointments and reminders to help nurture relationships and proactively meet your customers’ needs
  • Manage relationships using such automated options as converting prospects to customers without rekeying any information
  • Automate multi-step procedures to ensure compliance with bank policy on customer questions, complaints and/or requests

Learn more about CSI CRM by completing our online contact form. We’re here to answer your questions so your bank can enhance its customer experience strategy.