CSI Meridian.NET Core Banking System for Loans

Meridian.NET provides two core banking solutions to help your financial institution process loans:

Loan Tracking System

Meridian.NET’s Loans system makes your bank’s loan procedures more effective and profitable. Through comprehensive tools and features, this loan tracking system simplifies the decision-making process so that loans are based on consistent, reliable information.

Our bank loan system includes two value-added systems that complement the loan origination process:

  • The Credit Tracking system assists your loan department in tracking and collecting the various documents and information required to maintain your credit files. A letter writer feature allows you to produce up to three different letters or notices to remind your customers of upcoming or past-due credit documents.
  • The bank Loan Pricing module helps loan officers achieve a more equitable, uniform way to determine interest rates. The module reduces the possibility of personal bias in determining a borrower's rate by providing a structured calculation method.

Relationship-Based Pricing

Relationship Pricing is a comprehensive tool for optimizing bank pricing strategy, enhancing your customer relationships and maximizing bank profitability. With relationship-based pricing, you create consistency in your loan-pricing processes and identify cross-selling opportunities by analyzing multiple account or single loan opportunities.

CSI’s bank loan pricing tool helps boost your bank’s profits by:

  • Adjusting interest rates and fees based on objective analyses
  • Analyzing how accounts in customer relationships impact your bank’s profitability
  • Ensuring loan officers meet the bank’s objectives when negotiating bank loan pricing and terms
  • Providing detailed reports to prove you’re using a sound basis for loan-pricing decisions

Learn more about making your bank more competitive, compliant and profitable in the loans process by using Meridian.NET’s loan processing systems. Our team members are here to help you implement a core banking system that meets your bank’s needs. Just complete an online form, and we’ll reach out to you.