CSI Meridian.NET Core Banking System for Productivity

Meridian.NET provides a number of core systems for banks that help you stay productive, including:

Bank Checking and Savings

Checking & Savings from Meridian.NET is an enhanced bank checking system for opening and managing customer accounts. This suite of tools helps you create more successful, profitable and secure customer accounts by:

  • Identifying additional service charges based on account activities versus available balances via Account Analysis
  • Providing online inquiry and memo-posting capabilities through the Demand Deposit System
  • Offering research capability for up to 18 cycles, including statement and image review
  • Allowing you to set up automatic transfers between existing accounts with Funds Transfer
  • Giving you the ability to memo-post known transactions against customers’ accounts to determine new available balances through Memo-Posting
  • Enabling users to transfer funds from one account to another, charge items back or assess service charges without the need to generate paper documentation via Online Transaction

Integrated CD and IRA Systems for Banks

Meridian.NET’s integrated bank Certificates of Deposit (CD) and Individual Retirement Account (IRA) systems streamline processes and productivity for CDs and IRAs. With several automated capabilities, our integrated CD and IRA systems allow users to enter transactions online and captures file maintenance updates.

The bank CD platforms:

  • Use transaction data to prepare daily reports, update history files, calculate earnings and prepare related entries for general ledger
  • Allow up to nine fluctuating interest rates and 299 user-defined CD classes
  • Provide multiple accrual and payment methods for earnings
  • Perform automatic calculation of any penalty amounts
  • Include robust reporting capabilities to enhance visibility into account performance

The IRA system uses the same application as CDs, eliminating the need to learn separate systems. IRA supports SEPs, KEOUGHs, Roth and Education IRAs. It also:

  • Delivers automatic disbursement of retirement funds—interest only or fixed amounts
  • Enables payment schedules of monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually
  • Pays disbursements by check or deposit into a checking or savings account
  • Allows review of all end-of-year information prior to sending out end-of-year forms

Bank General Ledger

General Ledger (G/L) tracks, manages and reports bank customer transactions. The system is fully integrated into all Meridian.NET applications, giving you transparency into your accounting system.

Through this general ledger core banking system, your bank can improve both insight and productivity by utilizing these key features:

  • Captures data from deposit and loan sub-systems, as well as tickets submitted through tellers
  • Integrates transactions to prepare daily reports and update history files
  • Provides insight into historical, average and quarterly balances
  • Allows you to perform reconciliation on a daily or monthly basis

Several applications complement our bank general ledger system, including Integrated G/L, Backdate G/L, Automated Balancing Report Generator and Multi-company G/L.

Bank Teller System 

TellerLinks is an integrated and automated bank teller system that enables fast, accurate and secure teller operations. Using a teller system in banks helps make routine banking functions faster, improving both employee productivity and customer experience.

Through TellerLinks, your bank teller software:

  • Integrates fully with Meridian.NET, providing full transparency into account information
  • Allows you to view signature cards, mark-up activity, transaction history and more
  • Provides signature and photo verification through Meridian.NET’s scanning system
  • Offers real-time balance inquiry online
  • Delivers teller-performance reporting tools

Teller Capture

Meridian Teller Capture is an automated bank teller software application for your financial institution’s customer-facing transaction processing systems. By combining integrated check processing systems with teller functionality like account number validation, virtual ticketing, fraud detection and image verification, Teller Capture: 

  • Captures images and MICR data in the customer’s presence or as a deferred transaction using Burroughs SmartSource® Elite check scanners and Cummins-Allison JetScan iFX® i121 scanners
  • Provides industry-standard read rates on fields with A2ia CAR software
  • Streamlines teller item repair with fewer keystrokes
  • Validates on-us items on all required fields
  • Analyzes routing and transit numbers on checks presented to tellers for repair
  • Creates virtual tickets within transactions
  • Offers reporting functionality to review teller activity and volume by public ID and location


LaserLinks is a Windows-based laser check software that generates official checks. By interfacing with the inquiry screen, it’s easier for employees to access relevant information needed for check creation.


  • Creates a wide range of checks, from cashier’s, temporary, CD/interest and expense/AP checks
  • Issues loan coupons and money orders for increased efficiency
  • Performs remote overrides for cashier’s checks, expense/AP checks and money orders
  • Includes enhanced security controls to ensure systems and customers are protected


MoneyLinks is a bank ATM operating system that delivers real-time visibility for your bank and convenience for your customers. Whether you have one ATM or multiple machines, MoneyLinks allows your bank to perform all ATM/debit card functions from your core processing system. 

In addition to verifying customer transactions against actual balances and offering an accurate portrayal of each transaction, MoneyLinks ATM system customers also have the following capabilities:

  • Host-to-host balance verification and transaction markups in an online environment
  • Card Sentry, a risk-mitigation system that detects unusual activity based on known patterns
  • An automated ATM problem management support system
  • Reporting capabilities for transaction, daily, monthly and other ad hoc reports


DepositLinks is a fully integrated bank account system that makes opening a bank account faster and more efficient for your employees and customers. Through DepositLinks, your bank can reduce the time it takes to open new deposit accounts and reduce data-entry errors that may delay the process. 

With our automated new bank account system, DepositLinks, your bank can: 

Voice Response

CSI’s Voice Response is a phone banking system providing secure, integrated account functions to your customers from any phone in the continental United States. With CSI, you deliver high-quality voice response for banks that customers continue to rely on today.

Banks using Voice Response offer customers:   

  • Bank by phone capabilities, including split loan payments, transfer funds, review previous activity and more
  • Lists pending ACH items that make up the available items
  • Technical support


CSI’s Meridian2Go (M2G) gives you access to your core banking information when you don’t have access to your desktop. Using an Internet browser on a tablet or mobile device with a cellular or Wi-Fi internet connection, M2G provides core banking mobility so you can look up customer information when you’re on-the-go. M2G also offers:

  • Access designed for the current touch and swipe devices
  • Tablet-friendly design
  • Easy identification of needed information
  • Increased security via Employee Access
  • Compatibility with out-of-band authorization and token access

M2G currently supports the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera.

Are you working hard to increase your banks productivity? Meridian.NET offers high-performing technology and personalized bank core processing systems that can improve your bank’s operations. Find out how by completing an online contact form. A member of our team will reach out to you with more information.