CSI Meridian.NET Core Banking Systems for Risk Management 

Meridian.NET provides two core banking solutions that help your financial institution mitigate risks and meet strict federal mandates, including:

BSA Compliance

BSALinks is an integrated and automated screening tool that collects and reports on the data needed to meet BSA compliance regulations. Using BSALinks, your bank simplifies the steps needed to analyze, report and track financial data, giving you full transparency into customer transactions. 

Meridian.NET’s BSALinks gives your financial institution access to these banking regulatory compliance tools:

  • Facilitates reports for customer due diligence, currency transactions and suspicious activity
  • Produces a FinCEN Form 112 that can be reviewed, certified and forwarded directly to the agency for FinCEN compliance 
  • Allows authorized employees to create, save and print reports based on selected criteria
  • Earmarks accounts for monitoring so that you can be proactive in compliance efforts

Positive Pay System

With CSI Positive Pay, your bank can verify the authenticity of checks before you pay them. An integrated fraudulent check detection tool, Positive Pay compares checks paid against customer checks issued, safeguarding your bank and your customers by managing check fraud and maintaining compliance.

Our positive pay system for checking and savings accounts:

  • Enables unique parameters for check number ranges and high-dollar limits based on customers’ check-writing needs
  • Prevents bank check scams by identifying counterfeit, altered and misencoded checks, as well as unauthorized copies
  • Detects suspect status based on mismatched amounts, previously paid checks or check numbers not issued
  • Alerts tellers of suspected items before they cash checks

Interested in how our risk management services can reduce the amount of staff required to manage your bank regulatory compliance efforts so you can refocus employees on other important initiatives?

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