CSI NuPoint® Core Banking Solution for Loans

CSI NuPoint provides three core banking solutions to help your financial institution process loans:

NuPoint Exception Tracking

NuPoint Exception Tracking provides both visibility into loan exceptions and an audit trail for monitoring the exception process. With system flexibility and reporting tools, you can track documentation and underwriting exceptions and make the loan process more effective for your employees and customers.

NuPoint Exception Tracking:

  • Tracks documentation and underwriting exceptions throughout the loan process
  • Provides an audit trail for increased transparency and accountability
  • Allows for loan exceptions at the account level, relationship level or both
  • Categorizes by any department responsibility
  • Offers scalability to any size organization

Loan Analytics

CSI’s Loan Analytics is a robust and fully integrated suite of loan portfolio management products used for making strategic loan decisions. Our loan software gives you the tools you need to gather the information necessary to protect the integrity of your bank’s assets.

Loan Analytics software solutions provide tools to help your financial institution maximize returns and minimize risk, including:

  • Solutions for risk management, collateral valuation and loan budget tracking
  • Customer, financial, host, underwriting, loan committee and executive information
  • Automated feedback, including tracking, auditing, reviewing, analysis, compliance and reporting features to make the loan management process easier
  • Efficiencies through the automation of data management

Relationship Pricing

Relationship Pricing creates consistency in your bank loan-pricing processes and identifies cross-selling opportunities. By using "what-if" scenarios, you can analyze multiple accounts or single loan opportunities to determine the best fit for your customer.

Maximize your customer relationship loans and bank profitability using these Relationship Pricing tools:

  • Adjust interest rates and fees based on objective analyses
  • Analyze how accounts in the customer relationship affect your bank’s profitability
  • Ensure loan officers meet the bank’s objectives when negotiating bank loan pricing and terms
  • Provide detailed reports to prove you’re using a sound basis for loan-pricing decisions

Issuing and processing loans is a major revenue generator for your bank. Find out how you can make the loans process even more lucrative by optimizing NuPoint’s core banking systems for loans. Complete an online contact form, and we’ll reach out to you with more information.