CSI NuPoint® Core Banking System for Productivity

CSI NuPoint provides a number of core banking solutions that help your financial institution stay productive, including:

Financial Management System

NuPoint’s Financial Management System (FMS) provides complete integration of general ledger accounting into our core processing system for banks. FMS is a comprehensive information source, which enables financial managers and accounting personnel to control the quality of their general ledger processing and senior management reporting by monitoring and analyzing all general ledger functions.

FMS goes beyond simple general ledger capabilities by:

  • Creating customized chart of accounts with unlimited sub-totaling capabilities
  • Providing real-time, customizable reporting of your bank’s financial health
  • Allowing up to a 30-day window for month-end reporting with full report archival

NuPoint Transaction Manager

NuPoint Transaction Manager simplifies how transactions are entered, assessed and tracked. Through our transaction processing solutions, you enhance efficiency and drive revenue to the bottom line by improving reconciliation time and fee assessments.

NuPoint Transaction Manager:

  • Streamlines the process for inputting multiple entries to complete a transaction
  • Ensures you are collecting fee income for services provided with each transaction
  • Allows you to create transaction sets and group them accordingly
  • Provides for more efficient transaction entry and accurate code usage

NuPoint Teller

NuPoint Teller is a bank teller system that increases employee productivity and bottom-line results. With NuPoint Teller shortcut keys, your bank tellers have access to menu-driven financial transactions.

Improve the efficiency and security of your employees’ and your financial institution's performance through NuPoint Teller features, including:

  • Teller productivity tools like pop-up windows for cash count and item list
  • Activity evaluation by time so you can better schedule staff
  • OFAC lookups on non-bank customers
  • Official checks from teller station, as well as return receipts by mail for night deposits can be printed
  • Centralized cash drawer control and audit functions

Plus, CSI delivers our teller system in banks as a managed service, eliminating the need to own or support on-site servers.

NuPoint Teller Capture

NuPoint Teller Capture automates your bank’s customer-facing transaction processing systems by combining image processing with teller functionality. Integrated check scanning combined with account number validation, virtual ticketing, fraud detection, risk mitigation controls and image verification are delivered through these key features: 

  • Captures images and MICR data in customer presence or as a deferred transaction using Burroughs SmartSource Elite check scanners
  • Provides industry-standard read rates on fields with A2ia CAR software
  • Streamlines teller item repair with fewer keystrokes
  • Validates on-us items on all required fields
  • Analyzes routing and transit numbers on checks presented to tellers for repair
  • Performs item-level duplicate checking on DDA and transit checks
  • Creates and suggests virtual tickets within the transaction
  • Includes a variety of reports to review teller activity and volume, by public ID and by location

NuPoint Platform

NuPoint Platform is a streamlined bank cash deposit system that simplifies the steps for employees to create new deposit accounts. Utilizing innovative tools to automate the process, NuPoint Platform improves bank deposit management by decreasing the time it takes to open new accounts, while increasing employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

When customers walk into your branch, NuPoint Platform makes it easy to open new accounts by:

  • Using existing customer information to complete and print the necessary forms
  • Supporting driver’s license scanning to populate the demographic screen
  • Submitting account information directly into the host system, eliminating the need to rekey data
  • Including predefined fields for quick navigation through the account-opening process
  • Seamlessly integrating into our other products, like check ordering and WatchDOG® CIP


NuFund is the online delivery of NuPoint Platform’s bank cash deposit system. Your customers can open checking, savings, Certificates of Deposit and HSA accounts through a simple Web-based process that can be accessed from a desktop, tablet or mobile device. It’s never been easier to open an online deposit account, because NuFund: 

  • Allows you to offer multiple products and set parameters and services by geographic markets
  • Scans and validates driver's license and ID
  • Integrates seamlessly into NuPoint bank deposit system, so you don’t have to rekey data
  • Includes save and resume capabilities for users, cutting down on abandonment 
  • Offers a secure, compliant process for online account opening, including E-sign consent

Voice Response

CSI’s Voice Response phone banking system allows you to deliver secure, integrated account functions to your customers from any phone in the continental United States. With CSI’s Voice Response, you have the ability to deliver high-quality phone-based offerings that customers continue to rely on today by: 

  • Allowing customers to bank by phone: split loan payments, transfer funds, review previous activity and more
  • Listing pending ACH items that make up the available items
  • Directing customers on procedures for technical support

Want to learn more about the advantages of core banking with NuPoint? Contact us! We want to hear from you, and we’re ready to help your bank improve productivity at your bank.