CSI NuPoint® Core Banking Solutions for Reporting

CSI NuPoint provides three core banking solutions for evaluating bank performance, including:


NuView is a powerful bank data analytics tool for enterprisewide reporting. With a variety of capabilities, it provides access to all of your daily bank performance metrics from any computer in your bank. NuView not only delivers opportunities for standard and customer reporting, but also provides cold storage for archival and easy access. 

NuView makes it easier to analyze data and manage performance for your employees, customers and branches through three levels of reporting:

  • Executive View gives you quick access to executive-level information for each application through a customizable portfolio of reports, featuring bookmarks, graphs, historical data and export options.
  • Center View provides stock reports that CSI prepares daily. These reports are archived in cold storage, so that you can access them at your convenience.
  • NuPoint Reporter is an advanced ad hoc reporting tool that allows you to design graphical reports, schedule reports to run automatically and create alerts when critical, bank-defined information passes a threshold.

Financial Dashboard

Financial Dashboard provides a dynamic snapshot of the data and reports you use most each day via quick, convenient dashboard access that pulls directly from your core banking system. Analyzing and evaluating bank performance is simple with our bank reporting tools.

With Financial Dashboard you get:

  • Graphic, dynamic output that’s easy to analyze
  • Key performance indicators so you can recognize trends that are affecting your bank, employees and customers
  • Automatic daily updates for accurate insight into ongoing performance
  • Up to 13 months of rolling trend analysis

Profitability Reporting

CSI's Profitability Reporting helps you make more informed decisions that drive more profitable results in today’s marketplace. Using the industrywide best practice method of Funds Transfer Pricing, you can evaluate the profitability of your organization, branches, products, officers and customers.

Our bank performance reporting has two components: Margin Performer and Profit Performer.

Margin Performer:

  • Ranks customers by most or least profitable to help develop retention and marketing strategies
  • Provides trending analysis with 24 rolling periods, which enables you to pinpoint opportunities
  • Gives you a peer comparison on your bank's products 
  • Represents your organization’s performance in simple, drill-down categories

Profit Performer completes the profitability picture:

  • Calculates non-interest income based on service charges, overdraft fees, prepayment penalties and more
  • Analyzes your general ledger to identify non-interest expenses based on servicing, support, origination, general overhead and activity-based costs
  • Determines a customer valuation or ranking based on bank-selected parameters, including balance levels, ROE, 12-month average net income, length of time with your bank and more 
  • Allows you to include customers' total relationships with your bank (loan and deposit profitability) automatically when pricing new loans 

Want to see CSI’s bank reporting tools in action? We’re happy to provide a free demo. Just complete our online contact form, and you can see firsthand how CSI’s core banking systems give you a robust bank dashboard that’s dynamic and easy to use.