Internet Banking 

Fraud Anomaly Detection in Banking

Stop fraudulent money movement with CSI's Fraud Anomaly Detection for mobile bankingInternet banking and business banking.

As a financial institution, you are required by the FFIEC to have a process in place to monitor potential anomalous behavior within online banking. Today, many banks are tracking this behavior through manual reports. CSI’s fraud detection software for banks automates the reporting process so your bank spends less time pulling reports, and more time on the business of banking. 

Our Online Banking Fraud Detection

CSI’s Fraud Anomaly Detection helps financial institutions like yours identify and prevent online banking fraud through an automated platform integrated into our Digital Banking solutions. With our bank fraud detection software, anomalies are monitored by the system and compiled into one easy-to-read report for your bank’s daily use.

Through our fully customizable bank and customer settings, you can analyze customer behaviors and transactions made within CSI Internet Banking, on either a daily basis or over a 12-month rolling period of customer history. This way, you can challenge suspicious activity with real-time authentication to stop fraudulent money movement in its tracks. 

Benefits of Automated Bank Fraud Detection 

Automated bank fraud detection software helps your bank:

  • Save Time: Receive daily reports highlighting online banking users who have exhibited anomalous behavior
  • Improve Accuracy: Rest easy knowing CSI’s automated system will accurately analyze reports, removing the risk of human error 
  • Monitor Behavior: Customize thresholds and point values for different suspicious behaviors based on your bank’s strategy
  • Meet Federal Requirements: Mitigate risk and follow the FFIEC processes for monitoring potential anomalies
  • Stop Fraud: Contest real-time anomalous behavior through the use of challenge questions, tokens or out-of-band authentication

Find out more about how CSI's fraud detection system for banks can help you save time, reduce risk and meet FFIEC requirements. Complete our online contact form, and a member of our team will contact you.