Person-to-Person Banking with CSI SPIN

Person-to-person (P2P) payments technology makes it easy for consumers to send online payments—but often, the functionality offered by many service providers requires a series of steps, verifications and waiting periods just to complete a simple transaction.

CSI took a different approach to person-to-person banking with our Social Payments Instant Network (SPIN). With CSI SPIN, your customers have direct P2P payment solutions through your mobile banking app. CSI mobile app users can send and receive funds securely on Visa debit or credit cards in just a few quick steps. 

Industry Leading P2P Payment Solutions

CSI SPIN is designed to focus on the receiver rather than the sender. That means a more efficient payments process, allowing consumers to access funds much quicker than with other providers in the industry.

Our P2P payment systems:

  • Eliminate the delay in availability for the receiver, enabling funds to clear in a matter of minutes
  • Eliminate the need for bank customers to seek third-party peer-to-peer providers
  • Expand customer mobile adoption (a lower-cost channel to serve)
  • Fully encrypt all card information to ensure complete security and compliance
  • Require only the 16-digit debit card number and expiration date to send payment to any Visa cardholder
  • Securely save card information so it may be reused to send future payments

Cash, checks and online payments don’t cut it anymore. Make life less complicated for your customers by equipping them with CSI SPIN. Find out how you can increase mobile adoption and customer loyalty with this quick and easy tool. Complete our online contact form, and we’ll reach out to you.