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CSI Secure Connect 

With CSI Secure Connect, you enhance corporate communication, increase productivity and decrease costs. Plus, our portal can be implemented for any financial institution or business, and it requires no additional staff to maintain.

Our Board Portal Solutions

Offered by CSI Digital Banking, Secure Connect is an Intranet portal solution offering protected, convenient and affordable communication solutions for your entire business. Our online board portal offers:

  • Board Portal
    Maximize engagement and facilitate paperless board meetings by using the platform as a board portal. Whether you’re leveraging online voting, calendar sharing or the mobile app, our board portal software promotes secure mobile communication.
  • Employee Intranet
    Improve employee communication, productivity and morale by reducing emails, paper forms, copies and faxes. Use the platform as an employee intranet and watch your corporate culture grow.
  • Loan Committee
    Making your loan committee meetings convenient means increased participation and production. Simplify and secure loan management activities by using the platform as a loan committee portal.

5 Reasons to Choose Our Board Portal Software

In addition to having more than 50 years of experience serving financial institutions around the country, as board portal vendors, CSI offers the following:

  1. Manages the service–we DO NOT outsource our processing
  2. Provides you with a unique portal, tailored to fit your organization
  3. Meets or exceeds financial institution examiner requirements
  4. Offers our robust security infrastructure
  5. Includes a multi-factor authentication tool and full-suite of capabilities in the standard service

Effective communication is the difference between outstanding companies and ordinary ones. Whether for your board of directors meeting or employee communication, you need communication solutions that make working together faster and easier. CSI Secure Connect simplifies both the way you share information and the way individuals interact with it.

Find out how our Intranet portal software can simplify the way your bank’s data is accessed, shared and utilized. Complete the online contact form, and a member of our team will contact you.