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Bank Data Storage and Archive Services

Are you over allocating valuable internal resources to bank data storage? Is your current data archiving secure? You can take control of document management with CSI’s Storage and Archive solutions from Electronic and Print Distribution.

CSI’s Storage and Archive solutions for banks helps you optimize space, improve operations and reduce costs. Plus, our data storage solutions simplify how banks and financial institutions track, manage and archive information, making your business more intelligent, secure and profitable.

4 Reasons to Choose Document Imaging Solutions for Banks

Our paperless data storage for financial services helps:

  1. Centralize, store and access key documents conveniently from a Web-based enterprise document management system
  2. Eliminate costs associated with paper, printing and physical storage
  3. Create redundancy and backup capabilities to improve your compliance posture
  4. Increase productivity through advanced search and indexing options

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How Banks Store Data with CSI

CSI’s data storage for banks provides a variety of solutions, from document imaging and storage to check image processing:

  • CenterDoc
    CenterDoc is user-friendly, cloud-based bank document management system that reduces paper, time and costs. By alleviating many manual processes, security concerns, physical storage constraints, software installation and maintenance, you can streamline your business operations enterprisewide.
  • DigiARK
    DigiARK is a full-page, Web-based document imaging and storage tool for the archive and management of images, cold documents and other indexed files. This tool simplifies your financial institution’s document storage, filing, retrieval and distribution needs. Configured to your precise specifications, DigiARK helps you create files from soft or hard copies, providing search capabilities that improve efficiency. Plus, DigiARK is compatible with Microsoft and uses full encryption to secure your data.
  • CheckUp® Solutions
    CheckUp Solutions is an integrated check image processing system and archive tool that enhances your storage and search abilities. As a Web-based solution, CheckUp Solutions accommodates numerous search, report and database extensions, providing a secure, convenient way to manage check imaging.
  • CSI Access Direct™
    CSI Access Direct is an online portal for accessing CSI's document delivery tools. You can use this tool to access CSI’s bank data storage and delivery applications so you can maximize the way our solutions perform for your business.
  • DocLinks
    DocLinks is an advanced document imaging system for banks. With DocLinks, you can convert your most valuable corporate documents from paper to portable electronic files that you can quickly retrieve and duplicate in the case of a disaster. DocLinks also provides a comprehensive document scanning solution that reduces cost and storage needs and improves efficiency, organization and performance, while enhancing business performance.
  • SupplyLinks
    SupplyLinks enables forms and paper inventory management for the banking industry. This Web-based bank inventory management tool equips your institution with its own personalized online supply store, allowing for improved paper inventory management on a wide range of items from bank forms and printed materials to office products and marketing materials. With SupplyLinks, you save time and money while increasing productivity, flexibility and control.