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Enterprise Data Gateway Environment (EDGE)       

CSI’s Enterprise Data Gateway Environment (EDGE) tool eases the burden of IT health and security reporting on your board of directors and C-level management teams. That's because the wellness and integrity of your IT environment is not only a priority for operating your business, but also for passing audits and examinations. 

Our enterprise data management software offers 24-hour insight into the health and security of your entire IT environment, along with access to real-time and ad-hoc reporting via interactive, intuitive dashboards and controls. And as a CSI Managed Services customer, you have access to EDGE.

Benefits of Enterprise Data Management

CSI's enterprise data software offers a number of features, including:

  • A reporting interface for easy access to key information
  • Dynamic alert banners for pertinent security news, important announcements, and advisories
  • Easy-to-use controls for simplified portal administration
  • End-to-end tracking capabilities for audit and security controls
  • At-a-glance insight from our exclusive System Health and Security dashboard

With our solution, you have immediate access to comprehensive data on the health and security of your financial institution. You can even tailor your EDGE dashboards to meet the various needs of your institution—from the IT department to the board.

Learn More about Enterprise Data Protection

Want to learn more about how EDGE can inform administrators, executive teams, auditors and the board of directors at your financial institution? CSI’s EDGE professionals are here to help. Complete our online contact request form, and a member of our team will reach out to you with more information.

IT health and security reporting doesn’t have to be taxing on your organization. As a CSI Managed Services customer, you get a tool that simplifies reporting by providing a comprehensive view of your institution’s IT environment. Learn more about EDGE, today.