Payments Processing


Item Capture

Without the right item capture support, keeping pace with the competition can feel like an uphill battle. CSI helps financial institutions like yours improve revenue and performance by adapting to rapidly changing item capture and processing technologies with our branch, ATM and deposit capture solutions from Payments Processing.

Our Remote Deposit Capture and Branch Capture Solutions

CSI’s Item Capture solutions integrate not only with our bank core processing platforms, NuPoint® and Meridian.NET, but also with other core systems.

Maximize payment processing abilities at your bank with these solutions:

  • Branch Capture
    CSI’s Branch Capture connects your bank’s locations together with time- and cost-saving tools that streamline the remote deposit capture, presentment and return process of checks. Fully integrated into our core processing system, captured data is easier to manage and control.

    Customers utilizing our core processing system have access to a branch item image capture solution that offers:
  • Extended daily cut-off times at remote locations
  • Balanced workloads and improved productivity by capturing at branches
  • Customized solutions to meet branch-specific needs
  • Images of all items using Image Quality Assurance (IQA) software
  • Smart Branch Delivery
    Summit.NET Smart Branch Delivery allows you to configure, maintain, update and deploy new branch capture sites remotely. This branch delivery tool helps you:
  • Update new software and settings automatically at each capture location or source
  • Utilize an end-of-day close function to compare runs and batches at each branch with those at the host site for verification
  • Image ATM Balancing
    Summit.NET Image ATM Balancing from CSI streamlines ATM processing for ATM transactions by enabling your ATM module to image and capture items immediately, eliminating the need for envelopes and manual processing. By integrating with NCR image-enabled ATMs and consolidation software, you can import and balance ATM image transactions, as well as create an industry standard X9.37 file for electronic collection and processing.

    With our ATM processing tool, your financial institution can:
  • Extend deposit deadlines for enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Improve the efficiency of both branch and back-office performance
  • Reduce fraud from “empty envelope” deposits
  • Increase revenue by focusing staff on cross-selling services and products
  • WebRDC
    WebRDC is a Web-based remote deposit capture solution that allows your customers to scan, balance and transmit digital images to your financial institution for posting and clearing. Our remote deposit capture tool makes banking easier for users, but also customizes your user interface by utilizing your own branding, issuing customer logon credentials and maintaining your own capture locations, operators, roles and permissions.
  • Duo out-of-bound authentication
  • Unisys automatic courtesy amount and legal recognition
  • Image quality assurance and detection of signature presence
  • Duplication detection and prevention at website, merchant and financial institution levels
  • Mac compatibility 

Ready to learn more about CSI’s branch capture, remote deposit capture and ATM processing tools? We want to hear from you. Connect with us by completing an online contact form. One of our staff members will reach out to you with more information.