Payments Processing


Check Imaging Software

CSI’s check imaging software streamlines bank item processing, storage and distribution. Our automated tools help any bank maximize branch and employee efficiencies by decreasing manual check processing time and reducing physical storage needs.

CSI’s Bank Item Processing Systems

Your financial institution can choose from several check imaging solutions that integrate with CSI’s core bank processing systems or your existing core banking system:

  • NuPoint® Check Imaging
    NuPoint® Check Imaging offers NuPoint customers a fully integrated solution with enhanced features for research, archival, statement production and online statements.
  • ImageLinks
    A powerful and all-inclusive processing system, ImageLinks eliminates the manual processes, physical storage constraints and unnecessary costs associated with paper and postage for Meridian.NET customers.
  • Summit.NET
    Summit.NET check imaging software allows you to implement leading technology and check imaging equipment in your institution. Plus, Summit.NET is fully integrated into your core banking system, regardless of your core provider.
  • Return Item Processing
    Checks Return Item Processing is a powerful online tool for managing the check returns process. With this platform, your financial institution can upload standard ANSI x9.37 return files and facilitate how individual items are addressed.

    With Checks Return Item Processing, your bank can:
  • Make chargeback/redeposit decisions from online screens
  • Filter return items by date, return reason, customer deposit account and amount
  • Produce x9.37 forward collection image cash letter files for re-presentment items
  • Render chargeback notices and IRDs for charging back items that are not representable
  • Image Clearing Network
    CSI’s Image Clearing Network is a cost-effective check image resolution platform for clearing and settling imaged items. Developed by CSI to accommodate the needs of our customers, this network gives your bank:
  • A lower-cost check clearing system that clears items through a network of participating CSI banks rather than sending items to a correspondent bank
  • Settlement initiation through Viewpointe, a member-owned association of financial institutions
  • Reduced costs and risks associated with the transportation of items
  • Remittance Processing Software
    With CSI’s remittance services, Remit.NET and RemitXpress™, your bank can offer commercial customers tools for reducing the high cost of remittance processing by automating the manual payments processes. Through this bank remittance processing software, you can improve operational efficiency, profitability and compliance for your commercial customers.

Is your financial institution ready to attract new businesses, improve revenue and distinguish your financial institution in the marketplace? Contact CSI today. We want to start the conversation about bank item processing solutions.