Regulatory Compliance

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Enterprise Risk Management for Banks

Regulatory pressure is not limited to our country’s largest banks; community-based financial institutions must also change their approach to risk strategy. Lessen the regulatory burden—and the cost of non-compliance—at your bank by collecting, storing, analyzing, scoring and reporting on your risk data with CSI’s enterprise risk management for banks.

Bank risk management software from CSI Regulatory Compliance addresses the unique and changing regulatory requirements of the financial industry, allowing you to make proactive, informed decisions to adjust your risk management strategy and meet regulatory compliance demands.

Does My Institution Need Bank Enterprise Risk Management Software?

On average1, managing regulatory compliance takes 11 to 19 percent away from profits. At the same time2, the cost of non-compliance is estimated at 2.65 times the cost of managing compliance. To validate that financial institutions are compliant, examiners are now demanding that financial institutions of all sizes turn their attention to integrated risk management and compliance management across all areas of their business planning. 

CSI’s bank risk management software takes a comprehensive approach to evaluating all the risk areas defined by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC):

  • Credit
  • Interest Rate
  • Liquidity
  • Price
  • Operational
  • Compliance
  • Reputation
  • Strategic

Offering both software and services, CSI’s enterprise risk management for banks helps you reduce the cost of maintaining compliance, engage the management team and inform the board about risks and opportunities, and satisfy regulatory requirements.

Take a New Approach with Bank Enterprise Risk Management Software

It’s time to simplify regulatory compliance at your bank. Our bank risk management software takes a proactive, holistic approach to risk management—not a reactive approach.

Help improve your relationship with examiners, inform your board about risk appetite and direction, and give management the info they need to make strategic choices. Contact CSI today by completing an online form and get a fresh perspective on your bank’s enterprise risk management framework.

1The Federal Reserve of Minneapolis: Quantifying the Costs of Additional Regulation on Community Banks.

2Ponemon Institute: The True Cost of Compliance