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Information Security

Information Security Compliance

Protect sensitive information for your customers, members and business, and lower your risk against the rising threat of cyber attacks. Leverage CSI’s information security tools to prepare your institution to pass Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) information security requirements and meet FFIEC guidelines.

Get a 3-Stage Bank IT Audit from CSI   

CSI’s IT system audit provides a comprehensive review and analysis of all the major information technology areas recommended by the FFIEC. Our IT security audit identifies and provides recommendations for mitigating the current and foreseeable risks threatening your systems and the consumer data housed on them.

Our consultants execute three key stages guided by the FFIEC’s IT Examination Handbook when performing a bank security audit: 

  1. Preliminary research builds trust with key personnel to gain sound understanding of your IT systems 
  2. An on-site system audit evaluates your IT systems by performing network scans and reviews of your security framework
  3. Bank security audit report includes a summary of findings for senior management and outlines observations and recommendations to aid your GLBA compliance

How to Stay Compliant Using Bank IT Security

To guard valuable and sensitive information and ensure cybersecurity preparedness, you must maintain a thorough understanding of the risks associated with your IT systems.

GLBA compliance requirements and FFIEC compliance rules require your financial institution or business to:

  • Understand how consumer data is stored, accessed and maintained on your IT systems
  • Identify and assess all current and foreseeable risks to your IT systems and the data stored on them
  • Design and implement a risk management plan to mitigate those risks
  • Test the components of the plan and adjust as needed 

Performing a bank IT audit helps your institution implement these best practices by researching your specific regulatory compliance needs, performing an on-site evaluation and providing you with an audit report you can use to improve your bank's IT security program.

Meet GLBA Requirements with CSI Information Security Review 

Safeguarding your customers’ and members' personal financial information is not only part of being a responsible business—it’s a federal requirement under GLBA compliance and FFIEC compliance rules.

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