Regulatory Compliance

Policy and Procedure Management

Policy Management Software for Banks  

Bank policies and procedures aren’t static documents in a folder—they’re dynamic guidelines that articulate your approach to compliance, operations, risk and continuous improvement. And with a host of ever-changing social media and government regulations to adhere to, the need for efficient policies and procedures for banks is more important than ever.  

Take an easier approach to your processes with CSI WatchDOG® Elite policy and procedure software. Our social media and policy compliance software streamlines forms review, preparation and compliance updates to ensure your financial institution meets the IT General Control standards for FFIEC and related regulatory compliance.

How Our Policy and Procedure Software Can Help

When it comes to managing a stringent compliance program, your policy and procedure management can lay the foundation for success. You need documentation that’s effective, clear and adaptable. WatchDOG policy management software for banks can improve your compliance posture by:

  • Standardizing the process and format for all policies and procedures
  • Simplifying the policy-approval process with a built-in workflow
  • Easing the process to collect end-user policy acceptance
  • Reducing complexity with a single place to store and manage policies
  • Gaining insight through in-depth reporting on policy approval and acceptance
  • Identifying and tracking what users created and edited on specific policies
  • Developing and maintaining effective IT policies and procedures with a team of certified experts

Social Media Compliance for Financial Institutions

You don’t have to avoid social media to stay compliant. With CSI's WatchDOG social media compliance software for banks, we can help you establish social compliance audit procedures and manage a social media risk assessment for your financial institution, so you can make use of this popular communication channel.   

Our social media WatchDOG tool empowers your business to: 

  • Archive all Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn posts for required time frames
  • Set up an approval process within your institution to ensure posts meet regulatory guidelines
  • Provide targeted search capabilities for social compliance audits
  • Conduct reputation and sentiment analysis
  • Evaluate your institution’s competitive landscape
  • Ensure all posts follow the requirements set forth by the FFIEC, Truth in Lending Act, GLBA and other regulatory guidelines

CSI’s Got Your Compliance Needs Covered 

Do you want to streamline your bank’s policy and procedure management and become more active on social media? CSI’s got you covered! Our policy and procedure and social media compliance software—along with our certified team of experts—help ease the burden of compliance at your institution. Let us know if we can help by completing this online form.