Regulatory Compliance

Regulation E Compliance

Reg E Compliance

Offering your customers electronic fund transfers (EFT) helps keep your bank profitable and competitive. But making sure those transactions are compliant with federal Regulation E can be a headache. 

Automate and simplify frustrating manual Reg E compliance processes with CSI WatchDOG® Reg E compliance software.

What is Reg E? And How Does WatchDOG Keep Me Compliant?

Since 1978, when Congress passed the Electronic Fund Transfers Act (EFTA)—better known as Regulation E (Reg E)—financial institutions have been responsible for properly investigating consumer claims of EFT errors. Those investigations must follow very specific error resolution procedures.

With our Reg E dispute tracking, you can:

  • Save valuable time by replacing the costly and inconsistent manual process of investigating Reg E disputes with our automated Web-based regulatory compliance software
  • Receive accurate calculations of liabilities based on the outcome of an EFT investigation with an intuitive liability calculator
  • Minimize your institution’s risk of civil or regulatory action due to inaccurate handling of EFT claims
  • Make proactive decisions by using a cost/benefit analysis for investigating and paying EFT claims
  • Easily create reports on EFT claims or impending due dates for EFT claims
  • Minimize your losses and streamline the EFT transaction process for your employees

Avoid Reg E Claims at Your Financial Institution

Take the burden out of EFT compliance. Complete our online form to find out how our Reg E compliance software can keep your institution in line with EFT regulations.