RC_Firewall Review Service

Firewall Review Service

Since the FFIEC released its Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT), there has been an increased level of scrutiny on banks and other institutions to ensure appropriate firewall rules are in place. Firewall rules allow or disallow traffic to and from certain devices and/or services within your organization. And now, financial institutions are required to audit or verify firewall rules at least quarterly.

CSI Regulatory Compliance’s Firewall Review can help ensure your financial institution meets and exceeds regulator demands on firewall rules and security. Our service is designed to identify issues and potential security weaknesses in your firewall’s ruleset so you can make improvements to, and strengthen, your company’s firewall. 

Ensure Strong Access Controls for Firewall Security

CSI’s team of regulatory compliance experts manually performs our firewall security audit. Performing our audit manually enables us to customize the review to meet the unique needs of your business and better ensure firewall security. 

During the firewall review process, CSI’s Regulatory Compliance team of experts will:

  • Identify ways to reduce vulnerability and secure your system to ensure that the firewall is hardened
  • Review access interfaces and password credential strength for appropriateness
  • Verify ruleset ingress/egress points and rule efficiency

Your Customized Firewall Configuration Review

When our firewall review is complete, CSI provides a comprehensive report of our observations and recommendations for improving your firewall access rules and security. This customized firewall configuration review includes a detailed analysis of our findings, VPN configurations, management interfaces and password requirements, as well as ACL ingress/egress remarks.

In the report, we identify any weaknesses in your system and provide recommendations for improving firewall security at your financial institution. We can also answer any questions you may have about the firewall security analysis and our findings.

Learn More About CSI’s Firewall Audit Tool

Avoid costly fines from regulators. Find out how CSI’s Firewall Review service can help establish a well-rounded security program for routine review, monitoring, testing and updating of your firewall rules.

Contact CSI to find out more about how our Firewall Review service can complement your Information Security program and help you satisfy examiners’ expectations.