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WatchDOG® Social Media Compliance for Financial Institutions

You don’t have to avoid social media to stay compliant. With CSI's WatchDOG Social Compliance software, we can help you manage a social media risk assessment for your bank or financial institution.  

While many financial institutions and other businesses are hesitant to join the conversation, fearing non-compliance, not participating can put you at a competitive disadvantage. Our WatchDOG security software helps manage participation and risks, so you stay compliant and protect your reputation.

Our Social Media Compliance Software

Are you aware of the regulatory, legal and ethical risks associated with social media? From consumer communication on lending terms to promotions for deposit accounts, we help you establish social compliance audit procedures to ensure all posts follow the requirements set forth by the FFIEC’s Social Media Risk Guidance, Truth in Lending Act, GLBA and other regulatory guidelines.

Our social media WatchDOG tool empowers your business to:

  • Archive all Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn posts for required time frames
  • Set up an approval process within your institution to ensure posts meet regulatory guidelines
  • Provide targeted search capabilities for social compliance audits
  • Conduct reputation and sentiment analysis
  • Evaluate your institution’s competitive landscape

Contact CSI Regulatory Compliance to learn more about how our social media risk assessments for banks are designed to help businesses like yours. Whether you’re just starting your social networking activities or you’re a more experienced user who wants an easy-to-use solution to manage your current processes, CSI can help.