Regulatory Compliance Software

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WatchDOG® Elite Vendor Management Software for Banks

Banks and other businesses are responsible for managing risk—including third-party activities from vendors. With CSI’s WatchDOG® Elite Vendor Management software from Regulatory Compliance, you can get to know your vendors, quantify and mitigate risks, and evaluate the contracts you have with those vendors to ensure compliance.

Does your financial institution have time and resources to maintain an effective vendor risk management program? Meeting regulatory guidelines doesn’t have to be a burden with our vendor management software for financial institutions.  

Streamline Bank Vendor Management 

CSI WatchDOG vendor risk management software automates and streamlines the oversight of vendor relationships, offering these key components:

  • Information Gathering
    Collect the necessary demographic data on vendors and classify each appropriately
  • Classification
    Measure the impact, importance and sensitivity levels of the vendor
  • Due Diligence
    Collect associated data while performing due diligence activities consistent with FFIEC guidance and best practices
  • High-Risk Vendor Evaluation
    Perform a comprehensive review of the security controls in place for high-risk vendors
  • Contract Management
    Enter and classify unlimited vendor contracts
  • Attachments
    Store unlimited attachments related to third-party assessment questions and contracts.= 
  • Notes
    Enter comments regarding third-party vendor assessments that include auditing and tracking

Need help with your bank vendor management? Contact CSI Regulatory Compliance to learn more.