Watch List Screening

Dow Jones Watch Lists

Dow Jones Watch Lists  

CSI offers organizations access to the Dow Jones Watch Lists through our denied part screening service, WatchDOG Elite. Screening against these lists allow your business to perform due diligence outside the mandatory OFAC and sanctions requirements to manage your organization’s risk.  

CSI Simplifies Dow Jones Screening

The Dow Jones Watch Lists are massive, housing nearly 5 million distinct records, but screening against these lists doesn’t need to be complicated.

WatchDOG Elite simplifies Dow Jones screening by dividing this vast list into seven distinct segments. These segments allow customers to screen only against the lists that fit their risk tolerance and policies, tailoring the sanctions screening process while minimizing the number of matches that need investigation.

The seven segments are as follows:

  • Sanctions: Screen against Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), Relatives and Close Associates (RCA), Special Interest Persons (SIP) or Special Interest Entities (SIE)
  • High Risk PEPs: Detect PEPs and RCAs with occupations and relationships that are considered high-profile
  • Government Sanctions and Exclusions: Spot persons and entities that are included on certain government issues sanctions or exclusion lists, such as financial sanctions, visa or travel bans, government exclusions, trade restrictions, war crimes, blocked vessels, enforcement orders, law enforcements and warnings
  • Crime: Identify individuals and entities (SIP and SIE) formally accused, arrested or convicted of a serious crime
  • Special Interest Persons Crime: Screen SIPs who have been formally accused, arrested or convicted of a serious crime
  • Sanctions Control and Ownership: This list helps comply with OFAC’s 50 Percent Rule, screening entities in which Specifically Designated Nationals (SDNs) or Sectoral Sanctions Identifications (SSI) own or control a 50% or greater stake
  • OFAC Sanctions Control and Ownership: Identify entities exclusive to OFAC’s SDN or SS lists

Screen Against Marijuana Businesses with Dow Jones’s High Factor List

Doing business with Marijuana Service Businesses (MSBs) and Marijuana-Related Businesses (MRBs) is inherently risky due to current legislation. However, many organizations view these businesses as a relatively untapped market.  

The Dow Jones High Factor List informs your risk-tolerance when associating with MSBs and MRBs by providing a consolidated source of identifying information including names, address, ID numbers and license information. Understanding this information helps you determine whether doing business with the entity falls within your organization’s risk appetite.

Leverage Some (or All) of the Dow Jones Lists Within WatchDOG Elite

Do you have questions about how the Dow Jones Lists can help bolster your organization’s screening program and enhance your risk management? Fill out this online form, and we will reach out with the answers!