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Watch List Check for Salesforce

Sanctions Screening Software for Salesforce

Make compliance with regulatory requirements easier and faster with integrated sanctions screening in Salesforce. With CSI's Watch List Check for Salesforce, your company’s sales team can verify customers in real-time, while entering opportunity information in Salesforce.

Offered through CSI’s robust denied party screening solution, WatchDOG® Elite, our Salesforce integration also gives your compliance officers a holistic view of all sanctions screening activity and provides detailed reports for auditors.

How CSI’s Salesforce Integration Works

No more complicated sanctions screening processes and waiting around for results during the sales cycle. Using CSI's Watch List Check, your staff receives instant results, directly in Salesforce, indicating whether or not the customer is flagged. If a denied party match is found, an automatic workflow is triggered for further review.

Our denied party screening services for Salesforce offers:

  • Instant results for name and address screening
  • Triggered workflows and email notifications based on your business’s rules
  • Single-click screening against federal watch lists, including OFAC screening and many others
  • Automated batch screening capabilities to pull records from Salesforce
  • Records of your sanctions screening results for a full audit trail
  • Reporting in both Salesforce and WatchDOG Elite platforms

In addition, within WatchDOG Elite there are:

  • Batch review and resolve capabilities
  • Customer Data Master (CDM) functionality, which stores all screened records and enables automated screening scheduling

Learn More About Our Denied Party Screening for Salesforce

Let CSI handle the burden of managing compliance challenges with our Salesforce integration for watch list screening. With CSI's Watch List Check, your sales team can get back to what they do best, focusing on customers and growing revenue—not worrying about reviewing possible matches.

To learn more about how CSI’s Salesforce integration can help ensure compliance by screening accounts, contacts and leads, complete this contact form, and a member of our staff will reach out to you with more information.