Treasury Management

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Bank Account Analysis

Grow your bank’s account profitability with an easy-to-use account analysis tool. CSI’s bank account analysis software keeps you organized and efficient by allowing your bank to set customized pricing and rate structures for your commercial customers directly within your core banking system.

Increase Profitability with Commercial Account Analysis

The flexibility of CSI’s account analysis solution benefits your commercial customers through accurate and transparent billing, while effectively growing profits for your bank. Our adaptable and functional commercial account analysis tool helps banks identify and increase customer profitability by:

  • Comparing earnings credits for balances to the fees charged for services and activities
  • Customizing the billing methods your bank uses to track service usage and charge fees
  • Producing tables for fee structures (for checks and deposits) and account-level override capabilities
  • Delivering statements via email, online banking or archive
  • Providing daily updates for items deposited, checks and cash transactions, ACH services and core processing applications

Additional Account Analysis Activities

In addition to system-captured activities, CSI’s account analysis solution gives you the flexibility to track and enter your bank-captured activities for periodic analysis. These types of activities can be:

  • Designated as hard or soft charges
  • Recurring (to include expiration dates)
  • Coin and currency transactions
  • Wire transactions

Benefit from Bank Account Analysis

Find out more about how our bank account analysis software can help your institution manage commercial customer fees and grow profits. Complete our online form, and a member of our team will contact you with more information.