ACH Processing

In an industry dominated by electronic payments, the need for ACH software is greater than ever. CSI ACH and ACH+ solutions streamline the processing of ACH entries while ensuring your financial institution is managing risk and meeting federal regulations.

Whether your bank is acting as the originator (ODFI) or the receiver (RDFI), ACH and ACH+ work seamlessly with CSI’s Internet banking platform and NuPoint® core banking solutions to meet the needs of your bank’s commercial accounts.

ACH Origination and ACH Receipt

For banks that are focused on offering their commercial customers treasury management products, CSI’s ACH transfer service accommodates the needs of both ODFIs and RDFIs through: 

  • ACH Origination

    Common commercial customer origination applications include payroll, tax payments, vendor payments, check conversions and the ability to concentrate cash.

  • ACH Receipt
  • Commercial customers receiving ACH transactions must control fraud risk and have easy access to payment information. 

NuPoint® ACH

All NuPoint core processing customers have ACH capabilities, including risk management and exposure limits, through: 

  • ACH Risk Management:
  • This product helps prevent ACH fraud by monitoring credit/debit exposure, batch credit/debit limits and transaction level limits. It also has the ability to suspend batches exceeding processing limits. 

NuPoint ACH+

In addition to the services offered by NuPoint ACH, ACH+ offers these three services:

  1. ACH+ Origination Prefunding

    Like ACH Limits, Origination Prefunding helps mitigate credit exposure by verifying funds and suspending batches for insufficient balances.  

  2. ACH+ Enhanced EDI

    Enhanced EDI is a treasury management product providing payment related information for commercial bank customers, offering flexible setup for receiving accounts and multiple reporting options.

  3. ACH+ Filter and Blocking
  4. Filter and Blocking is a flexible fraud mitigation tool for commercial bank customers who have a large number of transactions posting to their accounts. 

Learn more about how CSI Treasury Management’s ACH transfer software can help your bank streamline ACH transfers, ACH transactions and any other ACH payments processing needs. Complete a short form, and a member of our team will reach out to you.

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