Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Help your bank’s commercial customers increase efficiencies and compete in the marketplace by offering remote deposit capture software. CSI offers RDC as a SaaS (software as a service) application, enabling real-time, remote merchant setup and usage monitoring over the Web.

Through SaaS delivery, our remote deposit capture services are 100 percent Web-based and require no software to install or maintain. That means there are no software updates across multiple merchant locations to worry about.

Features of CSI’s Remote Deposit Capture Services

With remote deposit capture from CSI, your customers can embrace a competitive RDC strategy with confidence. Our RDC software simplifies money movement through:  

  • True Multi-factor Authentication

    CSI WebRDC meets FFIEC guidelines for multi-factor authentication (MFA) by storing your commercial customers’ MAC addresses and Windows keys in the CSI system in order to determine what users are allowed access. We also offer Vasco token login support for an alternative MFA method. 

  • Easy Merchant Set Up for Your Bank

    CSI provides training to your bank during initial implementation, so your staff saves time and feels confident when implementing RDC for your customers.

  • Virtual Spray and Virtual Payee Endorsement

    Embedding data text on the rear image—not the physical check—makes it easier to read and interpret deposit information at a later time.

  • NuPoint® Integration  

    Deposits are automatically imported into NuPoint as x9.37 files, with the option to automatically memo post all transactions if desired.

  • Risk Monitoring

    Risk levels can be monitored globally at the merchant or account level, and optional deposit holds may be implemented when your customers exceed designated risk levels.

  • Advanced User Role Definition

    Your customers can adjust permissions and workflow preferences depending on their own security needs within each business. 

  • Broad Third-Party Scanner Compatibility
  • In addition to being compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 and 10, CSI RDC also supports most third-party scanners. 

  • OS Agnostic
  • With specific diverless scanners, you can offer RDC to any user on any operating system. As long as users can access scanners on their networks, they can scan items, including those on Windows, Linux, tablets, etc. 

As one of the top performing remote deposit capture companies in the industry, learn more about how CSI Remote Deposit Capture can help your financial institution’s commercial customers increase reach, streamline operations and reduce risk. Reach out to us, today.