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Fraud Detection Software for Banks

Protect your bank and commercial customers from fraudulent money movement with CSI’s check fraud detection. Our fraud detection and positive pay software for banks integrate directly into CSI’s core banking system and generate automated alerts that update your institution of suspicious activity, allowing you to maintain diligence and compliance.

Leverage Positive Pay to Identify Fraud

Automated check fraud detection in banking keeps your institution profitable with low overhead costs. CSI’s positive pay uses the power of automation to secure customers from potential check fraud scenarios through alerts that display:

  • Paid not issued
  • Mismatched amounts
  • Amounts over limit
  • Outside of check number ranges
  • Missing check numbers
  • Stale dates
  • Void or stop items
  • Payee name mismatches

Our positive pay solution integrated with our bank teller system validates debit items each night to ensure your bank:

  • Receives and uploads issued check files
  • Compares incoming checks to a database of issued checks
  • Reviews and corrects exceptions daily
  • Provides real-time verification of check numbers and amounts
  • Displays payee name verification at teller stations
  • Offers official check issuance (for immediate verification)

Integrated with Digital Banking for Maximum Results

CSI’s online fraud detection tool is compatible with our digital banking services, which keeps your bank’s commercial customer secure when they’re on-the-go by allowing them to:  

  • Upload their own issued check files
  • Handle their own “approve” or “return” decisions
  • Utilize file mapping, single-check entry and past-decision review

Fraud Anomaly Detection from CSI

Keep your commercial customers safe and your institution compliant with CSI's fraud anomaly detection for business banking. As a financial institution, you are required by the FFIEC to have a process in place to monitor potential anomalous behavior within online banking.

Through our fully customizable bank and customer settings, you can:

  • Analyze customer behaviors and transactions
  • Challenge suspicious activity with real-time authentication
  • Monitor anomalies automatically
  • Build easy-to-read reports

Learn More about Fraud Prevention

Learn how CSI’s fraud prevention software can protect your bank and its commercial customers from financial loss due to fraudulent checks. Fill out our online form today, and a member of our ream will reach out to you.