Treasury Management

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Funds Management

Improve your commercial customers’ investment returns while collecting fee-income revenue with CSI’s funds management solution for banks. Our sweeps solution better capitalizes on excess funds in your business customers’ investment accounts by using sweep accounts to enhance their returns.

The Value of Sweep Accounts for Banks

When your commercial customers are seeking investment services for a single checking account, our solution provides:

  • Flexible funds management that allow customers to choose from money market, overnight “repo” repurchase or third-party investment accounts
  • Tiered or layered rate payments
  • Accounts that are managed using target balances and transfer increments to control the movement of funds
  • Advanced reporting through statements that identify available funds on the operating side of accounts and available funds through the investment portion of accounts
  • Daily reports for all cash management accounts that promote easy authorization

MCMG Sweep Accounts

In addition, commercial customers utilizing multiple accounts—or MCMG sweeps—also benefit from:

  • Customized Balance Settings

    Target balances (low, high and target) control the movement of funds, and can be customized to best meet customers’ needs. 

  • Multiple Account Settings
  • MCMG Sweeps may be set up with a primary account and multiple secondary accounts. These accounts are not limited to checking accounts—MCMG accounts can also be tied to loans or other types of accounts.

Learn More About CSI’s Funds Management

Find out how CSI’s funds management solution can use sweep accounts to not only expand fee income for your institution, but also enhance your commercial customers’ investment opportunities. Learn more by completing our online form today.