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Wire Transfer Services

As one of the most labor-intensive tasks for financial institutions, you can eliminate the need to manually post transactions by automating the electronic transfer of funds with CSI’s wire transfer services. Integrated directly with our core banking system, CSI’s bank wire transfer software helps mitigate risk and allows your commercial customers to swiftly transfer funds between institutions.

Advantages of Automated Wire Software

Wire transfer automation solutions reduce the overhead costs of manually inputing each transaction, boosting productivity at your institution and saving valuable employee time. Our comprehensive, end-to-end money transfer service can be utilized through CSI’s Internet banking platform, allowing customers to:

  • Streamline the wire creation and approval process through workflows
  • Create and approve their own wire transfers through a self-service model
  • Minimize errors by automatically validating ABA routing numbers
  • Integrate with FedLine to process both incoming and outbound wires via file transfer
  • Simplify wire creation, which can be based on past activities
  • Enable the creation of wire templates for recurring transactions

Stay Compliant with CSI’s Wire Transfer Services

Ensuring your bank’s compliance is critical when transferring funds between institutions, and CSI’s wire transfer tool is built with your bank’s compliance in mind. Our solution mitigates risk by allowing your institution to create a clear trail for auditors and provide real-time watch list screening on all wires.

In addition, our wire transfer services keep your bank compliant by:

  • Integrating directly with the Federal Reserve
  • Facilitating the assignment and auditing of all transaction information
  • Flagging transactions that may have a potential match to an OFAC SDN list
  • Supporting OFAC, BSA/AMLRed Flags and other compliance programs
  • Automatically providing wire information to CSI’s fraud-monitoring system

Want to Learn More?

Gain more control over your institution’s wire transfers, ensure compliance and boost your employees’ time with CSI’s wire transfer services. Complete our online form today to find out more about our how our wire transfer automation solutions can help your bank stay competitive, compliant and profitable.