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Health Insurance Regulatory Compliance

In the health insurance business, you’re looking for a better way to manage evolving compliance demands and prevent costly monetary penalties from screening and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations violations. Leveraging a compliance management system that offers healthcare sanctions screening against federal and state exclusion lists and customer due diligence can help your growing business avoid government fines and increase protection from fraud.

We understand the unique challenges faced by health insurance companies to identify listed persons or entities, block those policies and report suspicious activity. CSI facilitates thorough reviews of business interactions and relationships to ensure your company is compliant with the know-your-customer rule, OFAC list, OIG and CMS regulations.

Protect your business from fraud and Health & Human Services fines while verifying patient and provider identities before paying for services rendered. Find out how by completing a contact form today.

Health Care Regulatory Risk Management

To meet regulatory requirements prohibiting any federally funded health care program from paying for items or services provided, ordered or prescribed by an excluded or terminated party, health insurance companies must provide evidence of a strong compliance program. CSI’s denied party screening software gives your business:

  • Real-time transparent integration with your existing front- and back-end systems
  • A holistic view across your entire application and data infrastructure